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  • 2010-
    Alaina MooreVocals, keyboard2010-
    Patrick RileyGuitar2010-
  • Tennis is a band comprised of husband and wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley. The couple met while studying philosophy in college and sailed together for 7 months down the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard.
  • Tennis got their name from Alaina Moore's tendency to tease her husband. Patrick Riley played the sport in college so Moore like to poke fun at him for taking part in an "elitist rich man's sport."
  • Before forming Tennis with wife Alaina Moore, Patrick Riley played guitar for pop punk band The Ataris for a short time. Riley contributed to one of the band's albums and toured with them before deciding to quit to go back to school.
  • Although Tennis receives a lot of attention on the national alternative scene, not many people in their hometown of Denver, CO know who they are. Guitarist Patrick Riley told The A.V.Club: "We have good friends who play in some of the local bands. It's kind of funny. Most of them don't know we play in a band to this day."
  • While on sailing trip, the husband and wife duo Tennis decided that they wanted to make sunny pop music. They listened to a lot of Paul Simon and The Shirelles for 7 months which singer Alaina Moore says matched "the aesthetic of the trip."
  • Tennis singer Alaina Moore doesn't necessarily like Twitter. She says the idea of it "makes her laugh out loud" and that the idea of blogging is "pretty funny too."
  • Patrick Riley believes Barbra Streisand's Streisand Superman is the greatest CD cover of all time. Riley says the band is usually coerced into picking certain covers for their albums by their label and producers.


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