Greater Than All My Regrets


  • After the release of their single "Control (Somehow You Want Me)" in 2017, Tenth Avenue North made the decision to cut the number of shows they were doing in half. They did this because of the huge toll that touring was taking on their family members. It was a difficult choice to make as the consequences would be a huge loss of income; this potentially would affect the future of the band.

    Once the band halved their shows the following year, they found they were still able to pay their bills. Despite this, frontman Mike Donehey found himself struggling with huge, intense feelings of regret. He explained to NewReleaseToday: "Rather than being happy with our decision, I could've decided to do this a long time ago I could've missed less birthday parties and less recitals. I could've been there. I was beating myself up."

    As Donehey sat strumming his guitar and crying, he felt God whisper a reminder to him that He's greater than all his regrets. That served as inspiration for this song.

    And if I bend and if I break
    I'll trust the Hands that hold me
    Are greater than all my regrets
    You are greater than all my regrets

    Said Donehey: "Regret is the belief that the mistakes I made are so bad that God can't make my life beautiful again."


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