Love Song

Album: The Great Radio Controversy (1989)
Charted: 10


  • "Love Song" was written by Tesla vocalist Jeff Keith and guitarist/keyboardist Frank Hannon. It is Tesla's signature song, and one with a very strong connection for the band.

    "Tesla's always been about the love," Keith said in our 2015 interview. "We will forever play 'Love Song' every time we ever play. Because love is how we all got here. Love's what makes the world go 'round. Love stands above everything, even the hate."
  • The album version runs 5:25, with a lengthy, noodling guitar intro that takes up the first 1:33. The single was trimmed to a radio-friendly 4:03, cutting most of this intro. The live, acoustic version that appears on Tesla's album Five Man Acoustical Jam (the album that produced their hit cover of "Signs," runs 9:54, with Frank Hannon stretching the intro to 3:50 before Jeff Keith joins him on stage. On this intro, Hannon incorporates a few licks from the Heart song "Crazy On You."
  • Tesla formed in 1984. Hailing from Sacramento, California, their original name was City Kidd, but on the advice of their manager (and the fact that another band already went by that name), they decided to pick a new name. Their name does indeed come from Nikola Tesla, the legendary Serbian scientist and inventor who quite possibly is single-handedly responsible for the "mad scientist" trope.

    Nikola Tesla was the "Linux Torvalds" to Thomas Edison's "Bill Gates"; Tesla had all the scientific smarts and wanted to deliver world-changing scientific breakthroughs to the masses, while Edison had all of the ruthless business smarts and basically drove Tesla into poverty and obscurity all while profiting off of his contributions. In a similar vein, the title The Great Radio Controversy refers to another case of stolen credit - this time the Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi, who took credit for inventing radio.

    On a parallel note, Tesla came along at just the right time to have an identity crisis. They were seen as a "glam metal" band right when glam metal was dying like disco; it didn't help that when touring, they often shared a bill with Def Leppard and Poison - and of course, they were on the Geffen label. Tesla tried to redefine themselves by dressing down in jeans and T-shirts, playing more blues-driven rock and acting more like a jam band than a stadium band. It's almost as if they would have loved to have invented grunge, had they only been a couple states north and thought of it first.

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  • Suddenlysara from DenverWell , other than i heard was written fir his sister after a break up , this song has always made me nostalgic and sometimes it still makes the eyes teary . I just remember i was so in live and so dependant on an ex of mine and we were legal codefendants .. Locked away from each other and never spent a day a night a minute if i could d help it apart from him...i knew he was going away for a good ammount of time and i had only been down a week waiting at mail call to hear from him and i did. He had drawn me something beautiful and sentimental . with the lyrics written under it too. I remember tears just started streaming down my face the kind you cant control and a trembling grin on my face that had girls in the pod hugging me saying ," aw honey you really live that man".. I did
  • Myla from San Diego, CaAwesome song, they should play the "noodling guitar" solo from the very beginning on the radio. I love Little Suzi and The Way it Is.
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