My Curse

Album: Gentlemen (1993)


  • Greg Dulli, who is normally lead singer, opted to let Marcy Mays of local band Scrawl sing lead on this song. Some have said the song hit too close to home for Dulli. He has sung lead on this song in concert, so he must be over whatever negative feelings he once had. >>
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    John - Levittown, NY

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  • Babu from SeattleGreg is a clever son of a bitch.
    Greg is genius.
    But not genius enough.
    Should've hired Keith Derouin..but...Hillis was out of Commission..things were crazy.

  • Eric from Chicago, IlWell, I hate to say, but the songfact is wrong. "My Curse" was actually written about 1988. It was originally called "Ciaphas" and appeared on the 'Jugula Tape' which were old demos. Dulli changed 2 lines in the chorus and slowed down the arrangement for 'Gentlemen'. He sings lead vocals on the original, and it actually is a fun, upbeat song. It shows the band's true talent that they can take the same song and arrange it so heartbreakingly on Gentlemen.
  • Randy from Mclean, VaI have always loved this very intense song, and Marcy Mays does an incredible job on the vocals in the studio version, it sounds like she is on the brittle edge emotionally. I have always thought it had to do with someone involved in a very intense and not very positive same-sex relationship about which they were very troubled, "Hyssop in your perfume" (hyssop is a bitter purgative herb). "Enslaved I only use as a word to describe the special way I feel for you", indicating an unhealthy relationship. "You look like me and we look like noone else" referring to the sameness of their relationship. "My curse" I thought referred to the relationship itself, or the writer's unwilling commitment to unhealthy relationships.
  • Jan from Antwerp, BelgiumI must have heard this song thousands of times already, as the Gentlemen album is my most favourite rock album, but still it manages to get me by the gutts everytime I hear it. I think it's the combination of the tormented voice and honest lyrics over this lazy guitar riff and howling guitar 'layer'.
  • Matt from Boston, MaThe song doesn't really identify itself as being from the point of view af either a man or a woman, but it definitely adds an air of vulnerability coming from the wonderfully pained and unsteady female voice and vocals of Marcy Mays. Especially in the defiant way she boasts, "I can smile now....You won't find out....Ever!" Sexy as hell.
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