One More Sad Song

Album: The All-American Rejects (2002)
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  • All-American Rejects lead singer Tyson Ritter, just 18 when he wrote this song, drew inspiration from a girl who broke his heart. Early in the song, we hear about how their secrets started coming out, a theme Ritter would revisit a few years later in the song "Dirty Little Secret." What follows are the shots in the battlefield of love, with scattered thoughts of regret and wondering if they can move on. Things got better for Tyson once the album came out and the band became popular. He had a steady girlfriend for most of the '00s, so he had to refine his writing skills and make up various scenarios for many of the song on the band's next two albums.

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  • Lissa from Austin, TxI love this song so much. I listened to it all day when I broke up with my boyfriend. Good song.
  • Lennonfan11 from Regawrhhrh, IcelandHa I have the first comment! As the title suggests, this song just sums up the average teenage breakup, which most listeners have been through. I like it!
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