Album: Burst Apart (2011)


  • The Antlers' frontman, Peter Silberman, explained how this dreamy instrumental was created to Interview Magazine: "Around a year and a half [before the release of Burst Apart], we were recording - well, we thought we were recording our record, but they turned into basically these electronic demos of songs we ended up re-recording. So 'Tiptoe' was one of them. And it was just kind of this very slow jazz kind of thing that we recorded on a whim. We always had the intent that we would do something with it, we just didn't know what. And then when we were making Burst Apart, it fit nice in a way. To me, it's a kind of blank slate, after everything that's led up to that point it feels like this dream sequence." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France


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