Every Little Thing

Album: Beatles For Sale (UK) (1964)
  • Many sources say that John Lennon played the 12-string Rickenbacker opening signature lick, as well as the solo, since George Harrison showed up at Studio Two a couple of hours after the initial tracking was recorded. Some believe John "borrowed" George's guitar, which was already set up in Studio Two, while others claim it was George on the electric 12-string. >>
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    Barry Kesten - Bellmore, United States
  • In a departure from their standard instrumentation, a timpani (kettle drum) is used on the refrains. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • This was intended to be a single, but ended up just an album cut.

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  • Trebor from TexasBut Paul did write it, JOHAN, or a majority of it according to The Beatles Bible. Why do continue to fabricate stories about Paul like this? YOU are the one not to be trusted.
  • Johan Cavalli from SwedenLennon was ashamed over his composition Cry Baby Cry. That's why he said he didn't write Cry Baby Cry. The same thing with Every Little Thing. McCartney therefor claimed he wrote Every Little Thing. But don't trust in him. McCartney even said in a show 1990 that he wrote Help, but after Ian MacDonald's book Revolution in the Head, 1994, McCartney admitted Help is a Lennon composition.
  • Joe from Grants Pass, OrThis song was covered by YES - on their first vinyl 33 rpm
  • Prinzipal from Goch, DjiboutiThe Song is to be heard on YES recording "BBC Sessions Disc 1" (from 1969) and the "Millenium Collection Disc 2" (from 1970), but it sounds a little bit thrashy.
  • Rj from Philapool, PaI love this song, it's one of my favorites from Beatles For Sale. Underrated, if you ask me.
  • Ruth from Indianapolis, InIt has been said that the Japanese pop group Every Little Thing took their name from this song.
  • Linc from Beaumont, TxIt is no wonder that Lennon and McCartney were such a great team - Paul knew how to write exactly the way John sung. Their combined efforts became very distinctly "Beatles" and they were both very good about writing in a way that complemented each other.
  • Sebastian from Buenos Aires, Argentinaevery little thing is a mccartney song. if there's anybody still doubt it, this is what lennon said about this song in his playboy interview :

    JOHN 1980: "'Every Little Thing' is his (paul´s) song. Maybe I threw in something."

  • Brad from Flint, MiJohn acknowledged every song he'd written-even the ones he later hated; he didn't own up to this and Paul did. This is also akin to Eight Days A Week, which 'sounds' as if John wrote it-especially the bluesy vocal just before, "Hold me-love me", but it's just that he sang it with Paul, but John's vocal cuts through the mix, as this one does. You can definitely hear Paul's mellow voice-more so in the line, "I will love her forever" It still amazes me how those 2 sounded when they sang in unison. I also love how they took turns singing lead/harmony in "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party, with John doing the lead in the Chorus-verse and Paul doing lead in the refrain ("Tho' tonight she's made me sad...")
  • Alan from Syracuse, NyDo I recall a cover of this on an early Yes album?
  • Johan from Stockholm, SwedenA sensitive thing for McCartney is that Lennon was the dominant composer before Ysterday, both in singles and in albums. Lennon was at that time not keen to inform of that.And people didn´t know. It vwas different when McCartney wrote Yesterday...
    Lennon didn´t like "Every little thing". Therefor he would´t emphasize that he was the composer.Then McCartney saw his opportunity, and stated that he was the composer.Of course Lennon wrote "Every little thing". Never, never, never, never would McCartney let anyone sing something he had composed. The melody is typically Lennon. It resembles Lennon´s No Reply and A day in the Life,and has Lennon´s typically division in verse and refrain. But nobody can control McCartney. Lennon and Harrison are dead.
  • Forrest from Rochester, MnNot the best lyrics, but just like "I Feel Fine" and "Eight Days a Week" it is saved by a great feel and sound.
  • Christy from La, Ca"Every little thing she does (BOOM BOOM) she does for me, yeah, and you know the things she does (BOOM BOOM) she does for me, yeah" I can not listen to this song and not laugh!! I dont know but the boom boom of that bass drumm just sends me into unstopable giggles. I LOVE THIS SONG!!
  • George from Belleville, NjI love this song.It brings back memories when I was a kid growing up in the sixties.It was one of favorite Beatles songs then and it still is today.One of the most pleasing melodies you'll ever hear,it proves once again that Paul is one of the all time greatest songwriters,along with Lennon and Brian Wilson,in my opinion the three best in modern pop music.
  • Sal from Bardonia , NyAnother folk rock song with the 12 string sound before the Byrds made it popular.
    Sal,Bardonia, NY
  • Bram from Zoetermeer, NetherlandsBy the way, why isn't John's 'I don't want to spoil the party' in the list, which is one of the best songs of the album 'Beatles For Sale', if not the best...
  • Bram from Zoetermeer, NetherlandsAt many songs you hear Lennon sing louder than McCartney, 'cause I suppose he has a better voice to this kind of songs. This is a song from Paul though.
  • Brian from Sydney, CanadaThis song also reminds me of 'What You're Doing'. They were both written quite hastily when The Beatles were touring and cutting singles and albums on any off day they could manage. Essentially, McCartney ripped himself off!
  • Brian from Sydney, CanadaThis was song was briefly spoken during the 'Get Back' aka 'Let It Be' sessions. Listen to the conversations on the ..."Naked " CD. George says he likes this one when they are talking about what songs to perform for a concert of some sort, which turned out to be the rooftop concert. He plays a little on his guitar when he says he likes it, but he couldn't remember the name, so Paul starts humming it while Harrison picks it. Quite amazing that they can remember even the numbers they considered 'album fillers' or 'throw-aways', and want to perform them in their last gig!
  • Kika from Nyc, Nywhy is it that i group this song w/ you can't do that & what you're doing?
  • Barry from New York, NyAlthough the verses sound like Lennon singing solo, it is actually sung in duet with McCartney. Listen closely!!
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScYes covered this song? Hey that's cool.
  • Jo-c from Lima, PeruThanks for that Justin. It's like the backbone of the song IMO. And yes, Beatles For Sale has got some nasty 12-string guitar licks throughout it!
  • Eddie from New York, NyThis was one of the early Beatle tunes that heavily influenced Roger McGuinn/Byrds to utilize an electric twelve-string sound. Another was "What You're Doing", which has an intro riff that is very simiolar to Mr. Tambourine Man"
  • Paul from Flagstaff, Azspectacular song no doubt about it. Great lyrics great guitar, great lead what more can i say. Pure beatles genuise.
  • Justin from Melbourne, Victoria, Australiathat loud boom you hear in this song is ringo punding a Timpani, which is a massive drum
  • Jo-c from Lima, PeruEven though John sang lead for this song, and the lyrics seem like his, it was really written by Paul. It was one of the strange cases in which one of the main composers had the other one singing.
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaYes did a cover version of this song on their first album. In their grand tradition, they re-arranged and extended it, with an aggressive, jazzy instrumental section taking up the first two minutes. (The Beatles version is only two minutes long)
  • Tom from Halifax, CanadaI wonder if this song is where The Police got the idea for "EVERY LITTLE THING she goes is magic
  • Alan from New Baltimore, MiAwesome song no matter who played what!
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