I'll Follow The Sun

Album: Beatles For Sale (1964)
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  • Paul McCartney wrote this before he joined The Beatles.
  • The Beatles held off releasing this because at the time, ballads did not fit their hard-rocking image.
  • The song that follows this on Beatles For Sale is "Mr. Moonlight," creating a sun/moon contrast. >>
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    Ian - Lethbridge, Canada
  • In 2008, a reel-to-reel tape containing outtakes of this song where Lennon and McCartney's attempts to finish recording cause them to break into laughter was auctioned off in England for about $23,000 in early August 2008. >>
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  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaCan't tell you why I love this song but it is one of my tied for first place tunes. So glad that George Martin said he liked it too.
  • Rick Margin from Brick,njPaul wrote most of this at the age of 16. There is a 1960 recording of the Quarrymen performing this song. Ringo tapped on his knees w/his hands for percussion.(Source: All The Songs)
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI agree that there are a lot of great Beatles songs, too many to count, but I wouldn't hesitate to name "Nowhere Man" as my fave. It feels like they're talking about me in that song, it's scarey.
  • Caroline M from St. Louis, MoOlivia from Chicago: I don't agree with you at all! I have more than 400 Beatles songs on my iPod, I have listened to them all, and I can say that my favorite song is The Night Before. It has been for 3 years. I will never get tired of it!
  • Allyson from Waverly, NyI am in love with The Beatles, so I was SHOCKED when my mom was playing this song one day and I said "Who is that singing? They sound familiar." I can't believe I hadn't heard this song until a week ago. It's my new favorite Beatles song!!!! <3
  • Julia from Milton, PaI wasn't around when John and George died, but I know for a fact that the day Paul and Ringo leave, I wlill never be the same.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis song is beautiful! Ahhhh...just want to sing it all the time!
  • K from Nowhere, OnI would like to know the story to this song. Not what led to the song, but what it's about.
  • George from Belleville, NjI love this song.It has this haunting faraway sound to it.One of the most pleasing melodies you'll ever hear.A simple yet beautiful song.
  • Andy from Prague, Czech RepublicThis song often makes me think of death, and Christianity. All the lyrics of "leaving" and following the "sun", or "son", as in Christ... Just my worthless opinion....
  • Jesse from Madison, WiFrankly, Olivia in Chi-town, you are a TRUE lover of music! If you can name your favorite band, you don't even barely KNOW music. And if you can name your favorite Beatles song, then you (YOU!) are 1000% correct! Love your comment!
  • Olivia from Chicago, IlFrankly, if you can name your favorite beatles song, you don't listen to enough beatles. I do like this song though, my friend got me this and the Help! album for my sixteenth birthday
  • Talitha from Austin, Txi think that this is my favorite Beatles song, and i like ALOT of Beatles songs!
  • Forrest from Rochester, MnWhen Paul sings "Tomorrow it may rain, so - " that is the first burst of pure magic on a Beatles album.
  • Forrest from Rochester, MnThis song got me through my first break-up so it will always be important to me.
  • Dave from Lacrosse, WiI think it would make a really cool funeral song.
  • John from Manila, OtherPaul McCartney wrote this while looking out the window in the front parlor of the their 20 Forthlin Road Liverpool UK home
  • Diane from Ventura, CaThis was one of the songs featured on The Beatles cartoon series from the 60s.
  • Dave from Bronx, NyI read a statement in a book about the Byrd's Notirious Byrd's Album that Roger McGuinn said the early Beatles unique sound came from chords and harmonies common with folk and country they combined it with a energetic 4/4 beat with country and R & B which in turn in inspired the Byrd's to go electric. This is not a accident the Beatles roots were in skiffle heavily influenced by folk. This is why the many Beatles songs had a folk feel to it.
  • Glen from Kent, NePaul wrote this one when he was just recovering from a bout of flu. He was 16 and standing in his living room looking out of the windows when he got the idea about 'Following the sun'.
  • Tommy from Flanders, NjI've had a lot of relationships that were like this, "Someday, you'll know, I was the one". Classic.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThis song is sort of folkish. I like it.
  • Nikki from New Richmind, Wi*Dances* I Love this song...I'll follow the song is one of the best...There is alot that are uber good. We are singing I'll follow the sun in our choir! I am sooo happy we are singing it!!!
    Nikki, New Richmond, WI
  • Nick from Moncton, CanadaAlso take into consideration that you've got the wrong song. You'Re thinking of Here Comes The Sun
  • Michelle from Antigonish, CanadaMe and my friends think that he must have created it something like this John - "Look, the sun" Paul - "Here is comes" George - "and I said" Ringo - "It's all right" (take into concideration that we're just having fun with amazing songs!!)
  • Sylvia from London, EnglandThis song is sad in a nice kind of way. Great song.
  • Mike from Newark, NdHas a "Jerry and the Pacemakers" feel to it. Good song for McCartney's voice. Love the lyrics.
  • Keith from Kyle, TxI find myself frequently wanting to strum the chords to this song. Ahh, how this song relates to me, so.
  • Jon from Sunnyvale, CaThe theme song for unappreciated males.
  • Laura from Santa Fe, Nm* Sings* " So I'll follow the sun" Ahhhh.... great song.
  • Chris from Milwaukee, WiI love John's backing vocal part in the "and now the time has come part" it's so sincere and vocally cool.
  • Ethan Bentley from Southampton, EnglandA song about unrequited love, 'One day you'll look to see I've gone' you're really in love with someone but they don't appreciate you as much as they should. Kinda gives an ultimatum - but thats not gunna be today because today you'll 'follow the sun' - David, Southampton
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeThe best song on Beatles for Sale. Great lyrics and a nice melody, almost folkish in quality which makes sense because the Beatles met Bob Dylan around the time of this recording.
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