Magical Mystery Tour

Album: Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
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  • A "Magical Mystery Tour" was a bus trip to an unknown destination. They were popular in England at the time.
  • Five months after recording this, The Beatles started making a TV special with this as the title track. The special aired in the UK in 1967, but didn't appear in the US until 1976 when it was released in theaters, becoming the fourth Beatles movie. The film, which was an early precursor of today's reality TV shows, didn't go over well with critics or fans. >>
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  • When they started recording this, they only had the title, a little bit of music, and the first line. Paul McCartney wrote the verses, John Lennon the refrain. >>
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  • The carnival barker at the beginning is Paul McCartney.
  • In the 1978 movie The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash directed by former Monty Python member Eric Idle, this song is parodied by the title "Tragical History Tour." >>
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  • Charles Manson used to refer to life as "A Magical Mystery Tour" after hearing this song. He later warped other Beatles songs ("Helter Skelter," "Piggies," "Blackbird") to explain a race war named Helter Skelter. He used to say that the Beatles were telling it like it is. >>
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  • Frank from Washington DcWho/what are the spoken words at the end? Are they from a play or movie?
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaLove Paul's bass and Ringo's drumming.
  • Brian from Boston, MaJustin from Luray VA.Well said I agree 100%.I don't understand why people think that if a song is about drugs it somehow diminishes its' value.Of course this song is about exactly what you said it was.I do think too many people "try" to find a drug meaning in every song.Some songs however are obvious this being one of them.I think drugs were a part of the creative process for the Beatles.No I am not saying that anyone that takes drugs can write such songs but like it or not drugs were an influence on the Beatles.Take Lucy in the sky for instance.I haappen to think it is about LSd but even if the song had an entirely different title I would still think it was about drugs.Because all one has to do is listen to the imagry of wich Lennon speaks and the general feel of the song.Are you going to tell me that had Lennon never taken lsd that the song would have the same sound and feel?It is after all a psychedelic song.What is a Psychedelic song but a song that is influenced by the use of psychedelics right? There have been many songs penned by songwriters under the influence of drugs,be it marijuana LSD heroin or coke.These songs are not all "about" drugs but we can not underestimate the influence that they have in the creative arts.
  • George from Belleville, NjThe Beatles were always experimenting and growing as songwriters and musicians.This is another cool classic pop rock song with a psycedelic sound to it.The trumpets really added atmosphere to the structure of the song,a haunting piece of music.Listening to it so many years later,it still holds up well and stands the test of time,like all their songs,that's why they were the best.
  • Greg from Esex, United KingdomI heard thar the idea/ concept for the film was pauls and after it flopped john was in kindda, i told you so mode.Never the less if you've experimented with acid and watched the film on acid like it was intended you'd understand exactly what its about.You take the trip,you take the ride bring on the confusion and the unfathomable mind.The point when their getting sucked in by the gibberish talking sergent is a classic lsd moment where their getting their heads done in until one of them is like, lets get out of here.Also as yellow submarine their other psychedelic movie the film pulls you deep into it then at the end kicks you out the other side on a magical beatles high .THE BEATLES ARE AMAZING wether its their songs about love ,life or pychedelia its perfection every time.
  • Nick from Seattle, Albaniaok this movies is on ACID! its so
    great drumms in this song, props 2 Ringo
  • Chomper from Franjkin County, PaThe album came out just after Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band in 1967 ( Sgt. Pepper's - released June 1 , 1967 ; Magical Mystery Tour - released December , 1967 ). it was produced by George Martin , and was recorded on parlophone SMMT 1/2 on Capital Records. The songs on the album are followed : Side 1 - Magical Mystery Tour / The Fool On The Hill / Flying / Blue Jay Way / Your Mother Should Know / I Am The Walrus . Side 2 - Hello Goodbye / Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane / Baby You're A Rich Man / All You Need Is Love.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Mowhy oh why must every single freaking song be about DRUGS with you people?! seriously! could it ever have crossed your MINDS that perhaps they were just incredibly brilliant songwriters? dont mistake depth for lsd! sure, they did do drugs, but come on, it was the 60s, thats a bit of a given. doesnt mean they wrote about it!
  • Steve Dotstar from Los Angeles, Calove that beautifully haunting ending that sounds so magical - just Paul's voice, wind chimes? and his little one note piano picking riff...wonderful! ty Paul!
  • Olivia from Chicago, Ileven it is based on drugs i can honestly say with my entire anti-drug heart that i dont care. when it comes to the beatles i will always be able to forgive them
  • Liuzhou from Liuzhou, China"The fat woman was Ringo's real-life auntie."

    No she wasn't. She was Jessie Robins, British character actress.
  • Carmelo from Newtown, PaHere's another hint for you all:
    Get your ear phones out:
    "Blue Jay Way"
    "we'll be over soon they said" (backround) "I love you"
    "now they've lost themselves instead" (background) "I need you"
    "Well it only goes to show" (backgound) "need plenty in this war"
    "and I told them where to go" (background} "plenty"

  • Chance from Kansas City, MoI agree gets very annoying that you illknowledged know-it-alls out their always assume that a song is about drugs when the song might have ONE line that may be a little sketchy...
  • Talitha from Austin, Txjust becasue they were doing drugs DOES NOT mean that their songs are about drugs! seriously! just becasue you drink milk doesnt mean that you are going to write/sing a song about milk!!
  • Ken from Louisville, KyBoth George and Ringo says their favorite part of the movie was the scene where John plays a waiter who shovels spaghetti on a fat woman's plate. The fat woman was Ringo's real-life auntie. John said the scene was based on a dream he had.
  • Adam from Los Angeles, CaYeah Craig... Just another Pathetic song by this pop band... the revolutionized music... sold millions and made millions... changed culture... just another pop band....
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiWhat the hell is that clinking noise that you can hear throughout the whole song? It sounds like a cowbell, but I'm not sure! Any thoughts?
  • Andrew from London, Englandwe loved this as children. We saw the TV film and thought it was strange but wonderful. I have never ever seen it since and only just discovered how awful others thought it... I recall Viv Stanshall was in it too.
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmCraig, THIS IS A GOOD SONG!
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmThank you Ian for saying that, For some reason every one thinks Beatle Songs are about Drugs. Why? Cos they were useing drugs dosent mean they sung bout them. Gosh People
  • Simon from Chattanooga , Tnthis is a great song. i love "fool on the hill" and "hello goodbye" as well. the beatles are incredible.
  • Pougff from Manchester, MsI agree with you Ian from Lethbridge, Canada.
  • Justin from Luray, VaI don't want to piss people off, but this song is about drugs. It's not overanalyzing the song. Two facts: the Beatles are the greatest band of all time and they did lots of drugs (not to mention they had lots of unprotected sex). Magical Mystery Tour the movie and album are about traveling around and doing drugs, specifically LSD in the same manner as Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. You can perhaps argue that the song doesn't mean the acid trip itself, but the other interpretation would be an invitation to get onto a bus w/ them...and do lots drugs. Either way, it's about drugs. I don't endorse drug use and I believe that the Beatles would have been great without drugs, but this album's themes are heavily influenced by drugs. Can anyone offer a better interpretation?
  • Jack from Mesa, AzI think it's brilliant how they slow down the chorus as the song progresses. And "roll up" has got to be about rolling a joint.
  • Dan from Indianapolis, InI love this song! A great title track for a great album. The melody, the mood, the rhythms . . . there's an especially awesome moment at about 2:14-2:15 where Ringo does something really awesome with his drums, I don't know how to describe it, but it GETS me every time!
  • Phil from Holland, PaMagical Mystery Tour could be about two things. (1) The song may be about an acid trip. Since "the trip of a lifetime" is a line in the song, this seems likely. Also, the "magical mystery tour is dying to take you away" line could mean that you really want to take the drug and it seems like it wants to take you. (2) Everyone always says the songs are about drugs, but they were mostly just made up to be fun or because something in real life sparked an idea for a song. This could be what the song is about rather than a drug-related metaphor. You can interpret it any way. The song could be about a simple tour bus. You can decide!
  • Lucy from Liverpool, ChinaIt's a drug album. This was during their "acid years" and it doesn't take much to tell which drugs dominated which albums.
  • Bram from Zoetermeer, Netherlandsoh and btw, not everyone that uses drugs can has got the ability of writing songs, so I think drugs is never an argument..
  • Bram from Zoetermeer, NetherlandsThis good song comes from Paul's original idea but it was written together. Paul came along with the verses and John with the chorus.
  • Zoloft from Milton, WvIn this song, the Beatles urge us to roll up a fat doobie and join them on a mystery trip. But this is no laid back, mellow trip. Musically, this one of the Beatles best rockers.
  • Tyler from Petaluma, CaMMT is a very under rated song. I love the trumpets in the background and the fast paced style. I remember as a little kid my dad would always play the LP and I would love this song, I would get bored by "Fool on the Hill" and forget the rest of the album, but I remember specifically I loved this song as a kid.
  • Pascal from Dallas, TxMaybe everyone is getting confused because the beatles wrotes these songs with metaphors that could be read alot of different ways and still be valid for a person listening to it.
    Imagine no lines. Imagine as John Said.. They wanted people to think..
    Who cares what it was about.. Listen to it... Enjoy it... Think... Who cares who wrote it...
    if we Imagine.. as persay for lack of better terms,... We are all one human tribe? I dont really care ...Dont worry Be Happy..
    LA LA LA Peace~~
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI think it's now come to the point where excessively proclaiming that every song is about drugs has turned into excessively proclaiming that every song isn't about drugs.
    Either way I don't really care; I don't think this song is about drugs. Most Beatles songs, I'm guessing, are just made for the fun of it. They actually followed through with all their ideas, and stuff like this came out.
  • Ian from Lethbridge, CanadaThis is NOT ABOUT DRUGS!!!!!
  • Ian from Lethbridge, CanadaWhy is it that every single Beatles song seems to be about drugs?!?! People, there is such a thing as over-analyzing a song.
  • Jt from Tullahoma, TnThis song isn't about drugs!

    It does contribute to the Paul is Dead rumors however. At 48 seconds into the song, you'll here a vehicle drive by before hearing brakes, and then a crash. Listen closely on the right speaker
  • Steve from Midland, MiFred and Nick, I also agree!! Every song is not about drugs peope!!!!!!
  • Chitra from Bangalore, Indiayeah this entire album seems to be very durggy...especially the song 'flying'..but i always thought 'lucy in the sky 'was a more blatant drug song...magical mystery tour hardly compares in that sense
  • Ian from Charlottetown, CanadaRoll up! Roll up!(interj) :(used as an invitation to people in the streets to come and see a show, circus or one's goods or articles that are being sold.)_Come in!,--- to see the lions.
  • Ed from Sacramento/elk Grove, CaNaw,,,,,, roll it up , roll it up was said as the bus moved to the countryside in the UK where there are my cows..
  • Fred from New York, NyI know exactly what you mean, Nick. The Beatles did NOT write EVERY song about drugs. Their music was influenced by drugs, but that's completely different.
  • Robb from Hamburg, NyPaul is someone who would take complete credit for Srgt. Pepper, but would say that he and Lennon collaborated on this including the movie because it was seen as mabey their first "flop". I personally love the album. It is so strange but in a good way
  • Niki from Chicago, Ili think the movie is weird..but very funny
  • Sean from Newmarket, Canadaroll up happens to mean step right up or something to the same effect, so he's really just talking like a carny, no hidden meanings
  • Nick from Solvang, CaAHHH! Why does somebody have to say "It's about drugs" for every song!? It bugs me.
  • Jay from New York, NyCould "Roll up!" be a reference to the Magical Mystery Tour Bus? Why does everyone think that everything is about drugs? Sometimes a bus (even a psychadelic one) is just a bus.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyIn England, the orginal songs from this movie were released as an "Extended Play" or "EP" single (having four songs instead of two), while in the U.S., the orginal songs were packaged with songs the Beatles released as singles but not on previous albums (such as "Penny Lane" and "Strawberry Feilds Forever") and made into a LP. This was the last time Britsh and American Beatle records differed while the group was still together.
  • Jordan from Ontario, CanadaIf there was ONLY one song the Beatles did about drugs, it is definitely this one. Fun to listen to, nevertheless.
  • Scott Baldwin from Edmonton, CanadaIm gonna get the album in a couple days and after that,I have all the albums!awesome...
  • Scott Baldwin from Edmonton, CanadaYes,the buss goes to a light show in liver pool and they carry loads and crates of beer so they get pissed.("Pissed" in the english sense meaning drunk.)
  • Martin from London, EnglandDon't think of "Magical Mysery Tour" as a movie. Think of it as an extended video for 6 fab tracks. In that context, it's great. And it was the only place to see the Fabs doing "I Am The Walrus". So prolific were the group, work on this track (and therefore the whole MMT project) started just four days after they finished mixing the "Sgt. Pepper" album. You don't get that sort of output from today's prima donnas.
  • Paulo from New York, NyThe album is great but the movie royally sucks.
  • Stykman from Little River, ScPAUL circa-1994: "'Magical Mystery Tour' was co-written by John and I, very much in our fairground period. One of our great inspirations was always the barker: 'Roll up! Roll up!' The promise of something-- the newspaper ad that says 'guaranteed not to crack,' the 'high class' butcher, 'satisfaction guaranteed' from Sgt. Pepper... You'll find that pervades alot of my songs. If you look at all the Lennon/McCartney things, it's a thing we do alot."
  • Eric Sanders from Birmingham, Al"Roll up!, Roll up!" is a reference to marijuana use. The song is essentially "an invitation" to get high.
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