Real Love

Album: Anthology 2 (1995)
Charted: 4 11
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  • This was an unfinished song written by John Lennon that was completed by the remaining Beatles. It was the second "new" release for the Anthology 2 album ("Free As A Bird" was the first). Yoko Ono supplied Lennon's demos and gave the remaining Beatles permission to use them.
  • Jeff Lynne from The Electric Light Orchestra put this together. He has produced albums for George Harrison and played with him in The Traveling Wilburys.
  • Lennon recorded his demo on a small tape recorder, which posed a challenge when Lynne tried to mix it with updated tracks. He was able to use a noise reduction system to improve the sound. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Paul McCartney did his best John Lennon imitation to help the lead vocal because the recording of John's voice was low and spotty in some places. The lead vocal is actually a John and Paul duet.
  • This is the only Beatles song where the songwriting credit is John Lennon alone instead of Lennon-McCartney or all four Beatles. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Glen - Dallas, TX
  • According to notes in the John Lennon album Acoustic, when Lennon wrote this song, the original title was "Girls and Boys." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Julia - OH

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  • Eric Cassee from Stockton On TeesBeautiful song!!
  • Tiffany Cheng from Surabaya, IndonesiaMy most favorite Beatles song by far, thank you John and RIP
  • Cm from Vaughan, OnJoel Herzfeld, oceanside, NY - It is fine if you do not like the song, and yes the song did not start out as a Beatles song, but now it is, because John, Paul, George and Ringo equal The Beatles, end of story.

    btw the song was released on Anthology 2, not 1. ;)
  • Michael from Modesto, CaThis song was used in both the intro and the outro for the "Imagine John Lennon" movie/documentary. I think the date was 1988. I cannot get it out of my head since hearing it days ago. It was a rough acoustic guitar and voice version. Amazing chord progressions.
  • Km from Singapore, SingaporeBeautiful song. I really wish John was physically alive today. How many more masterpieces he would have produced. It's so sad he was denied a life of friendship, joy and love, so much to share with friends, family and us, his fans.
  • Casey from Norwalk, Ca"Real Love" did hit the top ten in America, too. In Cashbox - March 30th, 1996.
  • Wesley from King's Lynn, United KingdomI absolutely love this song. Beautiful and haunting. If it were possible to bring John back, this would be the song to do it.
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvAmazing song. I have the CD Acustic and I heard "Boys and Girls" before realizing that Real Love was the same song. I loved Boys and Girls but thought it was a shame the tape didn't do it much justice. Brillant idea to put it on the Anthology CD. Just Brillant.
  • Spongebob from Bikini Bottom, KyIts such a beautiful song. Every time i hear it it brings a tear to my eye.
  • Marco from Guatemala, GuatemalaOnly John Lennon could write something like that, so amazing and so simple at the same time. it´s a masterpiece
  • John from Grand Island, NyWhat Beatle fan doesn't shed a tear when in the video for this great song Paul leans over and hugs George in a way only family members hug.
  • Brad from Lexington, KyLennon's solo Anthology demo version - also found on the greatest hits CD "Working Class Hero" - is so much better than the full band version.
  • Beth from Manhatten, NyThis is a beautiful song. You can tell that when he was singing it he really meant it for Yoko. Regina Spektor covered it for a charity campaign to stop the genocide in Darfur. It's a really beautiful version of the song and it's available on itunes. I highly suggest you buy it!
  • Julia from *, OhThe original title of this song was "Girls and Boys" according to the John Lennnon Acoustic album. I love this song, it's so beautiful and the other Beatles did great on it for the Anthology.
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmGreat song! Beautiful! Perfect in every way!
  • Ken from Louisville, KyAfter the song was recorded and released, Yoko found another version on a two-track tape that John had recorded. It sounded much better that the cassette that the Beatles used since John's voice was kept on a separate track. But it was too late, the Anthology album was already out. This version has appeared on several bootleg downloads.
  • Niqolas from London, EnglandReal Love is I thinQ too much.
    Time after time I fall about in my head with how music can be so out of this world. I just don't know how such a song affects me so much....totally in love with it. So perfect and so gorgeous.....The Beatles will live on forever!
  • Fred from Laurel, Md"This is the only Beatles song where the song writing credit is John Lennon alone instead of Lennon-McCartney or all 4 Beatles. (thanks, Glen - Dallas, TX)"
    * * * ... or Harrison alone!
  • Danny from Whittier, CaSuch a lovely gem of a song in typical Lennon fashion. Pauls voice compliments and fills out areas where Johns original vocal was weak or inaudible. The production from Jeff and the Boys is everything fans could hope for resulting in a sound only The Beatles themselves could conjure. Jeff Lynne so oftened drew upon that sound with ELO. The last BEATLE'S record is beautiful and ever so melodic.
  • David from Bloomington , InSo Paul sings the song? i own the john lennon version of the song. I didn't like that version but i love this version. it is awesome 1 of my favourites.
  • Danny from Upstate, Nysorry i meant an augmented after the 6m in real love
  • Danny from Upstate, Nyjohn, "something" doesnt have an augmented after the 3m chord corresponding to the one in "real love" (it has one in another part of the song but not here). also the third chord in real love's progression sure sounds like the 6m not the root7 (which is what you incorrectly say it is in real love and what it definitely is in something). so they really arent that similar at all. and even if they were, descending chromatically from the root of a major chord is pretty common so it really isnt necessary to accuse anyone of ripping anyone else off.
  • Kevin from Quebec, Canadabeautiful song i always listen to it twice just to get the effect of it times two
  • Ankit from Kolkata, IndiaIt was sung be Lennon only a few months before his murder. He always liked to record a basic 'skeleton' of all his songs before he would actually record them.
    There are patches of this song where Lennon's voice is so faded, you can just hear Macca's, slightly deeper voice overwriting Lennon's
  • David from Bloomington , InAwsome song! Great guitar and lyrics.
  • Tom from Lead-deadwood, SdGod, what a wonderful song. It's a true Beatles song as far as I'm concerned, the magic is there, and it's one of my ABSOLUTE favourites.
  • Joe from Lethbridge, CanadaI like this one better than Free as a Bird.
  • Joel Herzfeld from Oceanside, NyAlthough "Real Love" was released on the Bealtes' "Anthology 1" album, is not actually a Beatles song, per se. The song was put together by the remaining Beatles from tapes John Lennon had been working on before he was shot. At this time however, the Beatles were no longer functioning as a group. In fact, they had been dissolved. True, they all worked on the song, but it isn't as much a "Beatles song" as it is a song that was written and performed by the members of a band that was known as the Beatles.
  • Ben from Nyc, MsThis makes me cry
  • John Dylan from Blah, MsHey would love to hear lennons piano version of this, does anybody know where I can get it? I have an acostic version that is very good, my favorite version accualy.
  • John Dylan from Blah, MsThis song shares almost the same chord arrangment as "Something." They are in different keys, "Something" in C and "Real Love" in D. "Something" goes C Cmaj7 C7 F, and "Real Love" goes D Dmaj7/F#m D7 A+/Fsus4. They both basicly go Maj to Maj7 to a 7th. If you know the chords to "Something" capo at the second fret and play along with "Real Love." I'm not sure who ripped who off but my guess is Lennon ripped of Harrison.
  • Linus from Hamilton, On, CanadaThis song got me a girlfriend.
  • Lee from Clearwater, Flit is a great song. I am so glad they got together one more time, with a john tape, and put together one more song. love the guitar in it too.
  • Lynn from Honolulu, HiIt looks like a Woodstock reunion!.
  • Brian from Meriden, CtLike Free as a Bird, I really enjoyed Real Love. Two artistic successes. And the Anthology series was certainly overdue. In a way it marked closure, originally attemtped by Let It Be. Not a bad album in it's own right, they needed something more complete and needed to wait a few years. That time was surely maxed out. But the Beatles enjoyed a nice renaissance in the wake of the 90s series. Even among kids. I guess quality never goes out of style.
  • Jude from Thomasville, GaI bought the soundtrack to the movie "Imagine" because it had "Real Love" on it. I'm not sorry I did, but I like the Beatles version better. Again, we waited in breathless anticipation to see it at the end of the second installment of the Beatles Anthology, and we were not disappointed. I paarticularly like George's guitar skiffle at the end of each line. It is an awesome song no matter what.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyThe Beatles had another demo in hand that they were going to do for "Anthology 3" called "I'm Stepping Out", but later realized that another version of it had been included on John's posthumous "Milk And Honey" LP in 1983. So no "new" Beatles song was on "Anthology 3."
  • Ken from Louisville, KyUnlike "Free As A Bird", the demo the remaining Beatles used for "Real Love" was nearly complete. John had used both tracks of the cassette for voice, piano and guitar overdubs with a metronome providing rythem. All the other 3 had to do was backing vocals and additional instuments. It was a much more "finished" demo than the one used in the "Imagine John Lennon" release.
  • Melissa from Chicago, IlI love this song and although John Lennon was not present when it was "finished", i imagine that he was there in spirit. It is one of the greatest songs that I have ever heard. although it makes me sad at times. The video is pretty cool too, what with the piano coming out of the water. The video reminds me of In My Life.
  • Loretta from Liverpool, Englandi love this, though I like FAAB a bit better. think it's a bit more relevant to my favorite time of lennon's carreer
  • Ryab from Lackawanna, NyI have The Lost Lennon Tapes Where I has this song on it and Its just John, no guitars no drums, just him and the piano, and its so chillin The Hair on my arms stand up.
  • Cj from Lehi, UtI love this song, but when I listen to it closely it sounds a little sloppy. While John is singing you can hear him playing the piano as well, but when he stops singing, the piano drops out entirely. It just feels a little abrupt. I'd rather they had left his piano playing in throughout the whole song.
  • Scott Baldwin from Edmonton, CanadaThe only thing i don't like about the video: THe picture of George Harrison with the hair down to his knee. Dont know why, that pic makes me jump.
  • Melissa from Green Bay, WiI remember reading somewhere that it's working title was called "Girls and Boys". I like RL better than FAAB.
  • Julia from Ottawa, Canadai watch the video over and over again coz i enjoyed it later on i would curl up on my couch and fall asleep hearing the beatles's real love.
  • Gavin from Hampden, MaThe music video for this is amazing!!! It starts with a white grand piano commong out of the ocean. Then throught the song, the piano continues to rise, then falls, ending back in the water. This was a very interesting video, and i had to watch it several times in a row just because i wanted to.
  • Martin from London, EnglandWhen the casette of the demo for "Real Love" was given by Yoko Ono to the 3 (then) surviving Beatles, Paul (and probably George and Ringo as well) was unaware that the song had already been commercially released - on the CD "Imagine: Music From The Motion Picture". Like the 'finished' "Anthology 2" version, it is track one. Both CDs, coincidentally, also feature "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "A Day In The Life" in different states of completion.
  • Steve from Willmar, MnOn the John LennonVideo-Imagine-It starts out with John singing a rough version of
    Real Love.I believe it was 1971
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