Both Sides Are Even

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  • This is a track from the international indie alternative rock band The Boxer Rebellion's third studio album, Cold Still. The record was produced and mixed by Ethan Johns (Kings Of Leon, Ryan Adams, Paolo Nutini). The band told Clash Magazine: "This was the first song written for the album and the song that really made us want to work with Ethan Johns. We'd recorded a demo for the this song the same way we'd worked on Union and it felt like we were rehashing old ground. We needed a second opinion."
  • The band explained the song's meaning to Clash Magazine: "The song is about a relationship tug-of-war - about two people at loggerheads and unable to move forward. It's the age old idea that in a relationship there always needs to be a bit of give and take or each person will end up waving their flag alone. 'Both sides are even, they are even and alone. It's the same thing right or wrong.'"
  • The song was featured on the February 3, 2011 episode of ABC's Grey's Anatomy and was used to open the season premier episode of the HBO series 24/7 Pacquiao Margartio.
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  • Justin from Roseville, CaEthereal.... I think the song relates on a larger scale, too. Take any disagreement between two people, or two parties of government or organizations... I think it works there, too. Am I wrong, or is that a mellotron used throughout? I love that!
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