Album: Push The Button (2005)
Charted: 3
  • This song features a string sample from Moroccan pop singer Najat Aatabou's song "Just Tell Me The Truth" and vocals by former A Tribe Called Quest member, Q-Tip.
  • This won the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. In addition, the Push The Button album won the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album.
  • In the US, this was featured in popular commercials for Budweiser beer.
  • Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers recalled to Q magazine December 2010: "Q-tip would only sing into a golden microphone. Not silver, not bronze. It practically came with its own security guard. But I'm sure it gave his Galvanize vocal that extra bit of punch."
  • The song returned to the UK singles chart after it was used to start the entrance of the athletes at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympics.
  • "Galvanize" was originally an online hook-up until the Chemical Brothers heard Q-Tip's attempt. "Q-tip was a total hero" Tom Rowlands recalled to Q magazine." He sent this thing back and I'd never been so crestfallen. I thought, Oh no, this isn't going to work."

    The MC agreed to another session if Tom and his Chemical colleague Ed Simons could travel to New York's Hit Factory. Using his gold-plated microphone, Q-tip improvised some new lines, one of which featured the unusual word "galvanize," and the track finally achieved its potential. "Q-tip really took direction'" Simons said. "He'd use a turn of phrase and Tom would say, 'I like that, let's develop it.'"
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  • James from Colorado Springs, CoActually, the lyrics say:

    If you think about it too much, you may stumble, trip up, fall on your face...

    Don't hold back...

    You think its time you get up, crunch time, like a sit up, come on keep pace...

    And there is no mention of a monkey face.

    On a side note, this song motivates the crap out of you. If you are bored, and want some inspiration, turn this on, and get busy.
  • Theo from Johannesburg, South Africaone of the lines that Q-Tip raps is "wake up and put on your monkey face", which is a reference to Basement Jaxx's vid for 'Where's your Head At?', which features chimps playing musical instruments.
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