Headlight Disco

Album: Modern Minds and Pastimes (2007)


  • "That was a really fun song to write," says Click Five keyboardist/songwriter Ben Romans, "because we wrote it with keyboards instead of guitars for the most part." And since Ben is also the keyboardist for the band, that makes perfect sense. He also feels that no band should take itself so seriously that it never wavers from the formula. "One good thing to do sometimes is to push yourself to experiment, just put yourself in different places," he says. "I think sometimes it helps you simplify stuff. In this case, we were just messing around with keyboards just to kind of not be pretentious about something. It's like almost, for a song like that, it's good to kind of get out of your own comfort zone."
  • The term "headlight disco" describes an impromptu dance "club" where kids will gather "in the forest with their headphones and dance." The song came about, according to Ben, "from talking about writing a song just like you would do a video treatment. So it's just kind of the story line, a very simple song, when someone is trying to get someone to come out and celebrate. It's just more of a cinematic kind of song." (Check out the full Ben Romans interview.)


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