Album: In Blue (2000)
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  • The Corrs are a family group formed in Dundalk, Ireland in 1990 by Andrea (lead vocals), Sharon (violin), Caroline (drums)and Jim Corr (guitar/keyboards). They blend the music of their Irish background with contemporary pop/rock. Their popularity was restricted to Ireland until 1994, when the American ambassador to the country invited The Corrs to perform at the 1994 World Cup in Boston. This led to a support slot on Celine Dion's 1996 tour, which the group joined just after an appearance at that year's Olympic Games in Atlanta. Their album Talk On Corners became the biggest-selling Irish album in the UK and was the top selling album in 1998 in Britain.
  • This was the first single released from In Blue, and it became their only UK chart-topper and biggest hit in the US.
  • Andrea Corr: "I wrote this with Mutt Lange in Switzerland. It's a bizarre situation going to meet someone for the first time and trying to write a song with them but it worked great. It's about tempting someone to make the first move - come on and leave me breathless. You know the scene. The daylight is fading and nothing matters but the two people who are there." >>
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    Rebecca - Melbourne, Australia

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  • Tin from PhilippinesWho's the hot guy in the video? The one with the dark hair and cowboy look.
  • Carrie from Roanoke, VaThis has to be one of the sexiest songs ever. It reminded me of the teenage crush I had at the time it came out. I still love it and I wish the Corrs had become more popular in the states (perhaps it would've worked better if they'd changed their name to the Coors and sold the beer at their concerts? lol). I was only a little surprised to find out that Lange produced the song, because it sounds a lot like a Shania Twain song...only better! In fact, I thought the singer was Shania at first because they both practice similar breathing techniques when they sing. Go figure.
  • Darren from Auckland, New Zealandpersonally, i don't think that breathless if their best... but without this song- they would'nt have broken the US the way they did (pretty good for a band from Britain/Europe). Just a bit of trivia about the Breathless Video: The group were filming this video in Southern California's Mojave Desert - close to Death Valley, the hottest spot in North America - when the heat got too much for them. Andrea and Sharon were rushed to hospital after collapsing on set.
    A band insider said: "Andrea suddenly keeled over in the midday heat..." The next thing they knew, Sharon had collapsed as well. Both Corr sisters received hospital treatment for heat exhaustion and were back on set within 24 hours! Talk about committment to the job!!!
  • Claire from S.j.c., Caomg. i love, love, LOVE this song!!!
    i "found out" about the corrs in like 1999..i think....and have been in love with their stuff eva since.
    <3 <3 <3
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