Album: The Crow Soundtrack (1994)
  • This was written for the movie The Crow. James O'Barr, who created The Crow and draws the comic, is a big fan of The Cure and listened to them a lot formulating the movie. He was thrilled when Robert Smith of The Cure agreed to write an original song for the film.
  • Because of its use in the movie, this song introduced many new fans to The Cure. They've never performed the song live, however, even though it's often requested. >>
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  • The song was written recorded at a time when the band was undergoing one of its numerous lineup changes and features only vocalist Robert Smith and former drummer Boris Smith. Smith felt that this state of flux may have been the creative spark for writing and recording the track: "The whole thing was turned around in like two days... I just the idea and we just recorded like me and him in the studio... very much like I did the Top album, actually, he just sort of jammed the drums and I was just playing along."

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  • Marc from Denver, CoThis song has definitely been played live. I myself heard The Cure perform it in their 1st (of 4!) encores in Denver, Colorado on June 5th, 2016.
  • Chris from New Orleans, LaUpdate. It was played live in New Orleans at Voodoo festival on November 3rd, 2013.
  • Hailie from Sydney, AustraliaThis song was the 1st track to play in the movie n its what convinced me to buy the soundtrack now its the only cd i liasten to i highly recomend the soundtrack if u love the movie the music behind the movie really, really compliments the mood of the movie.... There both freak'n awsome!!!
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