Album: Disintegration (1989)
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  • Cure lead singer Robert Smith wrote this as a wedding present for his fiancée, Mary Poole, shortly before they got married in 1988. Smith has remained steadfast in his devotion to Mary, whom he met at school when he was 14. He credits her with saving his life by pulling him out of the abyss when he went through some self-destructive periods.
  • The lyrics were inspired by the constant touring Smith had to go through with The Cure. He wanted his wife to know that no matter how much he had to travel and perform, he would always love her. >>
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    Sid - Bryson City, NC
  • This contains a hidden lyric from another song. Robert Smith half-sings/speaks "Fly me to the moon" after the second chorus, before the middle guitar solo. The Cure often performed their song "Why Can't I Be You?" and Smith sang lyrics from other songs during extended breaks, including the classic "Fly Me To The Moon." >>
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    Richard - Alva, OK
  • In the US, this was by far the biggest hit for The Cure. In the UK, "Friday I'm In Love" did better, hitting #6.
  • Musicians often develop a nonverbal communication when they get in a groove, but while recording the Disintegration album, they had no choice: Robert Smith refused to speak during the sessions. It's an idea he had to create a certain atmosphere, which he later blamed on the acid he was taking. He still communicated, just with written notes instead of talking.
  • 311 did a popular cover that was featured on the soundtrack of the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie 50 First Dates (it plays in the closing credits). 311 got involved with the soundtrack after Sandler attended one of their shows and hung out with the band. He wanted the soundtrack for the movie to include many songs from the '80s that he grew up with, redone in a tropical style since the movie takes place in Hawaii. 311's song "Amber" was also used in the film, and Nick Hexum helped produce five other songs on the soundtrack. >>
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    Jules - W. Bloomfield, MI
  • The 311 version made #59 US in 2004. In our interview with the band's lead singer Nick Hexum, he explained that Adam Sandler suggested they cover the song for 50 First Dates. Before forming 311, Hexum and Tim Mahoney were in a cover band, and they played a lot of Cure songs. Talking about putting the 311 treatment on the song, Hexum said, "We really turned it on its side, to have the dreamy reggae and the half-time feel. It's actually the exact same tempo - beats-per-minutes wise - but it feels very different from the original, with the reggae."
  • Tori Amos covered this and has sung it at her concerts. >>
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    Marissa-Elena - Montebello, CA
  • A Perfect Circle sampled this on their song "Diary of a Madman" - or, as it's also been called, "Diary of a Lovesong." >>
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    Aimee - Auckland, New Zealand
  • Adele recorded this on her 2011 album 21. She explained to The Sun why she covered it: "My first gig was the Cure in Finsbury Park, which my mum took me to as she's their biggest fan."

    Adele was suffering from some vocal difficulties when she recorded the song. "My voice had gone, which I was a bit kind of paranoid about, but it actually suits the song really, really well," she said.
  • The music video, directed by Tim Pope, features Robert Smith singing the tune in a cave. They wanted to shoot the clip at The Cave Of Souls in Somerset, but couldn't secure permission in time. Instead, they had to settle for a dressed-up soundstage. Pope said the cave is meant to be where the band ends up after getting devoured by the giant spider in the "Lullaby" video.
  • The visual didn't meet Smith's expectations. "I was disappointed with the video," he told Select Magazine in 1991. "The idea was of a fairy cave going on forever, but it looked very cramped and posed. The opening shot is terrible, this lingering shot of a huge phallus that makes no pretensions to be a stalagmite at all."
  • This was used in these TV shows:

    Defiance ("The Serpent's Egg" - 2013, "A Well Respected Man" - 2013)
    The Vampire Diaries ("A View To A Kill" - 2013)
    Unforgettable ("Lost Things" - 2011)
    CSI: Miami ("Stiff" - 2011)
    The Sopranos ("Pie-o-My" - 2002)
    Queer As Folk ("Sick, Sick, Sick" - 2002)

    And these movies:

    All My Life (2020)
    Disobedience (2017)
    Now Add Honey (2015)
    Starter For 10 (2006)

Comments: 23

  • Sarah from Yuba City, CaI think Jack Off Jill's cover is the best <3
  • Andy from Lake City, Fldon't flame me but, could this be the warm cocoon of a heroin addiction that he's not sure he can physically continue? the memories he insists he will always cherish. haven't other heroin addicts fallen in love with ideas of just himself, his drug, and his music?
  • Paul from Croydon, PaOK, call me a Jeckyl & Hyde on this but 2 of my favorite Cure songs are Love Song (beautiful!) and Subway Song (heh-heh-heh...)
  • Kailee from Everywhere, CaThis song was going to be used at my wedding. Shortly before my faince passed away but we played it at the funeral and that's when everyone broke down.
  • Bertrand from Paris, FranceAfter spending a great deal of the '80s as a cult act and a truly alternatively styled rock band, the Cure finally enjoyed its first major hit with this tune. What's more, the band did so without sacrificing a scrap of Robert Smith's brooding vocal style or the group's signature, melodically mopey sound. It's not so much that this track possessed a particularly pop sound as opposed to, say, "In Between Days" or "Just Like Heaven." But I guess the time was right for the band to register a Top 10 hit on three different charts, including a No. 2 showing on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Chio from Santiago, Chilethis will be the main song in my wedding
  • Hector from Lake Worth, FlVoltaire also covered this song and did a pretty good job.
  • Lizza from Mexicali, Mexicothe song "friday im in love" comes out in the soundtrack of "50 First Dates" too!
  • Lauren from Pheonix, AzThis is the first Cure song I ever heard, and i've been hooked ever since. Robert gave it to Mary as a wedding present :). The lyrics are pretty self-explanitory. I don't like the 311 version because it sounds emotionless.
  • Dev01d from Wollongong, AustraliaBy far my favourite song by The Cure. The A Perfect Circle cover is pretty awesome too, I have a live version (I think that's the only one) so the quality isn't very good but it still rocks. The should do a studio version.
  • Arthur from Rosamond, CaI heard that RObert Wrote this song for Mary As a wedding present...
  • K from Victorville, CaLol Tolhurst appeared in the video for 311's cover of Lovesong, which, by the way, makes my ears bleed.
  • Shaun from Thunder Bay, CanadaThe snake river conspiracy version of this song owns.... it's much better than the 311 version ever could be. The original is still the best though ;)
  • Lyzette from Moorpark, Ca311's version makes me feel so, so sorry for Robert Smith and the Cure. I can imagine them, holding their head in their hands, wondering how in the world their biggest hit ever got butchered by wannabe reggae posers. (p.s. The Cure ROX!!!)
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaThe Cure rocks, but 311's cover was a bit too rastafarian for me, they didnt capture the essence of the song they way Robert Smith did. it was too laid back.
  • Jonathan from Natchitoches, LaAppeared in Season 1 Episode 9 of Cold Case on CBS. The name of the episode is "Sherry Darlin'."
  • Lance from Amarillo, TxAnberlin also did a version of it.
  • Jacoba from Adelaide, AustraliaRobert Smith wrote this song as a wedding present for his wife.
  • Janelle from New York City, Nyi love this song. the cure are one of my fav's
  • Bex from Grand Rapids, Mi311 also remade this song for Adam Sandler's "50 First Dates". He was at one of their concerts and loved the way their music sounded and asked the band to help out on the soundtrack. Since the movie was taken place in Hawaii, he thought that reggae-island sound would work out awesome on the soundtrack. In my opinion, 311 was the best that Adam could have choose!!!
  • Brian from Paoli, InThe Perfect Circle combo of this song, and Diary of A Madman is great.
  • Brandi from Macon, GaThis song was also done by Snake River Conspiracy.
  • Jacobie from Laghlin, NvJack Off Jill also sings this
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