Good Day

Album: The Dresden Dolls (2004)


  • In this song, Amanda Palmer sings about how trying to get on with her life after breaking up with her boyfriend. Things are going better for her and she doesn't care what he thinks, she's going to move on. (Thanks, Katie - ft.lauderdale, FL. Check out our interview with Amanda Palmer.) >>
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    Katie - ft.lauderdale, FL. Check out our interview with Amanda Palmer.

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  • Cat from CtI think its her showing she's over him, and doesn't wanna get texts or phone calls saying ugh im in a crappy mood. Because people do that all the time when they "stop talking".
  • Sarah from Dublin, Ohmy guess she is still angry and upset about a relationship gone wrong. He broke up with her or wronged her. He could care less. Questioning was there anything there in the first place.
  • Leeanna from Tahlequah, OkI totally agree wtih alison from austin, I got the same feeling about this song. It seems to be sarcastic. Taking into consideration the other songs on the album (like jeep song, and truce) I would say that she is definitly trying but not totally over a bad breakup. I love this album. The first time I ever heard it I was blown away.
  • Alison from Austin, TxTo me, I think it might be possible that she wrote this song out of spite and sarcasim. Somewhat of a "How are you? Oh I'm fine. I'm just perfect since we broke up." when really she's really angry and upset. "Ever since you went away, hey, i'm on fire." See where i'm coming from? I'm probably wrong like always but hey its just a thought.
  • Jenny from Murfreesboro, TnLike all the Dresdon dolls songs this one speaks well to women but has a melody that anyone can appreciate. The music mixes the anger felt in modern rock with the real musical talent seldom seen today. They are a real treat to listen too.
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