The Fixx

Cy CurninVocals
Jamie West-OramGuitar
Rupert GreenallKeyboards
Adam WoodsDrums
Dan BrownBass
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  • About the band name: They were originally known as The Portraits, which they thought was hopelessly old fashioned. In thinking of new names, one idea they threw out was "The Fix," which their producer Rupert Hine liked because he was an amateur pilot, and in the world of aviation, "getting a fix" on something is a good thing. The band liked it too, and added the X-tra letter in an effort to avoid the drug connotations and to make it stand out a bit. They still had to deal with inevitable rumors that the name meant getting a dose of drugs.
  • They formed in London, but had far more success in America, where they had 6 Top-40 hits, including the #4 "One Thing Leads to Another." They never had a UK Top-40.
  • Fans of The Fixx are still scratching their heads as to why they weren't more successful once the '80s ended. When we spoke with their producer Rupert Hine, he explained: "They were stuck between pop and rock music, by the time the '80s ended, it became very difficult for that non-genre to exist. There were other bands in the '80s - bands like Simple Minds - that hovered between those same schools as well, and all those bands' days became quickly numbered, partly because the record companies insisted that they became either definitely pop or definitely rock. They were no longer happy to have this sort of no man's land in between. And that, to me, was a problem. That's when they fell from the top end of the charts."
  • Talking about coming up with a unique sound for the band, Rupert Hine said: "I wanted them to have was for us to find, with the production side of it, a way of keeping the sound itself feeling aggressive. Finding new ways of doing an aggressive guitar sound without the guitar being in any way distorted or classically old school rock. And we came up with this very aggressive bitey but sort of shiny guitar, which was very different than any other bands at that time. And that certainly was a huge part of the band's success."
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