Be Still

Album: Scars & Stories (2012)
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  • The Fray's vocalist Isaac Slade penned this lullaby for his little brother Micah after he'd called him at four in the morning complaining that that he was having a hard time sleeping. The next morning Slade got out of bed, grabbed a guitar and started playing a comforting song for his brother. He told Denver Westword: "I didn't really write it; I just started playing it. The melody and the lyrics just kind of fell into place. It's only happened like that with maybe that song 'Happiness' - and that's probably it. It never really comes that easy. And this one just kind of downloaded from somewhere. And I hadn't finished it completely. I only had two or three verses. I wrote it in, like, ten minutes and was playing it to my wife. She was sitting in bed."

    After breakfast Slade drove to the studio got out his phone and went over the lyrics. He recalled: "I sang it a couple of times, kind of hammering out the lyrics, pushing pause and record and pause and record. I finished it and texted the guys on my way and say, 'Hey, I got a lullaby I want to record. It's probably not going to fit the record, but I want to record it for my little brother and send it to him.' Because basically, I had no idea what to say. So I took one pass at it, and all the guys walked into the room and they all said, 'That sounds important. Do it again.' So they all laid down around my piano. I'll never forget them laying on their backs with their eyes closed and the lights turned down low at ten in the morning. I laid down a second take, and that made the record."
  • The song appears to be written from God's point of view, with the Lord comforting Micah and telling him "If no one is standing beside you/Be still and know I am."
  • Guitarist Joe King commented to Denver Westword: "It's definitely the rawest song on the record. There's a couple of misplayed chords and his voice cracks a couple of times. That's one is special for me and my family. I even played for my girls one night when they were going to bed. I went into their room, and I was like, 'Daddy wants to play you a song. Isaac wrote it for his little brother.' And we all sat on the bed and listened to it."

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  • Veronica from IrelandFound this song from criminal minds, such raw emotion & haunting.. am in love with it
  • Karen from KentI watched the vampire diaries when Alaric was dying and Damon was with him in the cave it was beautiful. I loved the song Be Still. I want it played at my funereal.
  • Anonymous from AruzonaJust heard so g on Vampire Dairies. Love it!!
  • Matt from Nottingham, UkMy mum has dementia and can't help but feel like she must feel alone in this world now as she doesn't know anyone's face including her three children. So for some reason this song makes me cry everytime thinking of my mum.
  • Ellie from Ithaca, NyI have always loved this song whose base lyrics and music come from Ian Smith @Kingway’s Thank You Music
  • Karen Shorts from York Haven,paYour account of how this song came to be was so beautiful (like the song) it most assuredly was ‘co wrote’ with God! That must make you feel sooo blessed! We all (his children) have a moment like that in our lives! It’s part of that blessed personal relationship He has/wants with us! He is so good! So God!!! Thanks for share your story! And song with the world!!
  • Sukinoni from Spring Green, Wi.I also heard it at the end of the NCIS episode when Abby
    was leaving, was tearing up anyway, this beautiful song added to the momentous moment!
  • Jacob Melnick from Cherry Hill, Nj Heard “Be Still” by the Fray in a “Criminal Minds” episode
  • Wendy from UsaThe Gospel of the Beloved Companion (Mary Magdalene) contains the exact same words as this song. Which came first?
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaJust heard this song on the NCIS episode of Abby's leaving. Cried when I heard the song and watching the ending fell in love with the song.
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