Whirling Eye

Album: Ash & Ice (2016)
  • This started out a song with the same title but totally different lyrics. When The Kills relocated to a rented house in Los Angeles to record Ash & Ice, singer Alison Mosshart decided to do a new version of 'Whirling Eye' with lyrics about Hollywood. She recalled to Tonedeaf.com: "I changed the first verse and the last verse, like going on a drive through LA being very confused about life, going up and down Ventura Boulevard, melting in the sun, pumping gas in the afternoon."

    Guitarist Jamie Hince added: "I'm so glad you did change it because it seemed like an odd one out for me. The lyrics had been written at some different tangent point, and I remember we had this conversation where I was saying, 'We should absorb more!' We wanted to absorb more of LA and what was around us – and then she came back the next day and said 'I've written some more stuff.'"

    "I put her on the microphone and it was just amazing – it really felt like you could hear the helicopters above Sunset Boulevard and you could smell the palm trees. It was great."


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