Album: Cloudcuckooland (1989)
Charted: 16 31
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  • This was the debut UK hit for The Lightning Seeds and the band's only Top 40 hit in the US.
  • Chief Lightning Seed Ian Broudie explained to The Guardian May 1, 2009 that Lightning Seeds records have often blurred melancholy and euphoria. For instance this apparently cheerful song was actually saying: "These moments can't last." He added: "It's the opposite of Live Forever. I can't be described as a happy person, but I'm certainly not morose."
  • The phrase "to live in cloud-cuckoo land" means "to have impractical ideas." The expression comes from the name Nephelokokkygia, suggested for the capital city of the birds in the air in The Birds by the Athenian playwright Aristophanes (d c380 BC).
  • Ian Broudie told Mojo magazine June 2009 that he sees this as "a psychedelic, hazy song, somewhere between "See Emily Play" and "Windmills Of Your Mind."
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  • Bender from East West Virginia, VaI love the keyboard part. I remember teaching myself how to play this.
  • Tom from Memphis, TnI love the rhythm and the lyrics. I was surprised to read that Broudie wrote this warm and romantic song(almost a poem of Byron-esque dimensions)in spite of his highly realistic attitude to life in general. Great song!
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