Album: Trouble Will Find Me (2013)
  • When asked by Under the Radar if this song is about someone he knows, National frontman Matt Berninger responded: "No, no. I think that's mainly a romantic notion of a femme fatale kind of thing or someone who seems so emotionally indestructible, but then somehow that's often a shell or a façade. In that song, I think the character isn't as fireproof or an invulnerable as they wish they were. I think it's a romance song. I think it's a love song in a way, probably a little bit about myself."

    In the same interview, he also clarified about the use of the name Jennifer in the lyrics: "Well, my best friend's wife is named Jennifer, and the name Jenny pops up in another song. And I let him hear these songs a while back, and he said, 'Why are you writing all of these love songs about my wife?' He said that jokingly. And my sister-in-law's name is Jennifer, too. It's just a name I like. It's a name of people I know and am close to, and rhythmically it fit well in those spots. Often, I'll use a name that rhythmically or sonically sounds good, or I'll just make one up, like 'Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.' 'Vanderlyle' is a made-up name - it's not even a real name. My wife's name is Carin, and I think the song 'Karen' from way back was probably specifically about her, but the name 'Carin' didn't fit rhythmically so I just changed it to Karen." >>
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