I Found Out

Album: Wait For Me (2007)
Charted: 39


  • This was originally released in 2006 when it became The Pigeon Detectives first UK chart entry peaking at #39. Over the succeeding half year the Leeds 5-piece successfully released three UK Top 20 singles, so they re-recorded and re-issued it. The band's drummer Jimmi Naylor explained why to BBC Berkshire: "We had a fan base then but not many people knew about us, it was the first proper release. We thought let's release it now, so we re-recorded it with Stephen Street, he's done The Smiths and Blur and we just fancied that if we were going to re-release it we were going to re-record it as well."
  • In the same interview Naylor explained how the band came up with their unusual name: "We've had it since the first gig, for some reason the promoter didn't know our name and we just said 'ehh The Pigeon Detectives' and then we kept that for a little bit. I didn't like it but I'm not that bothered about it now. We kept going and getting quite a bit of a fanbase and thought there was no point in changing it now."

    Naylor added that they didn't come up with the name on the spot: "We were at Leeds festival a few years ago as punters and Matt saw a pigeon and he goes, 'that's a racing pigeon that.' He wasn't actually sure but he likes to think he knows quite a lot! Anyway, a lad we knew said 'what, are you a pigeon detective? Turns out it 'was' a racing pigeon."
  • The album Wait For Me's 12 songs are all based around being unlucky in love. In this song, the singer finds out that the object of his affection is going out with another guy.


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