Hungry For You (J'aurais Toujours Faim De Toi)

Album: Ghost in the Machine (1981)
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  • All the lyrics are in French, save for one chorus ("No matter what I do, I'm still hungry for you") and the outro, where the English portion of the title is repeated several times until the fadeout.
  • This foreign-language song was just one example of how Ghost In The Machine marked a turning point for The Police. Whereas their first three album releases reflected their strong reggae and punk roots, Ghost saw the band move toward a more mainstream pop sound, while at the same time exploring new musical territory and themes. This trend would continue, and culminate, with Synchronicity, which would turn out to be their final, and most commercially successful, studio album together. >>
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  • The Police recorded this in Montserrat, which is an island in the Caribbean. The Police were deeply influenced by the music of the Caribbean (reggae music). >>
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  • So what's this song about? "Lust, impure and simple," Sting wrote in Lyrics By Sting. "Trudie helped me with the French and a lot of the passion." He wrote this around the time he started his scandalous romance with Trudie Styler (he was still married to actress Frances Tomelty, and Trudie especially took a lot of hits from the press for being the "other woman"). They would marry in 1992.

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  • John from Wilmington, NcThis song comes off my favorite album by the Police. Stewart's drumming on this song and the whole album are unbelievable.
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