Run with the Wolves

Album: Invaders Must Die (2009)
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  • Singer Keith Flint told Clash magazine that this song originated from a vocal idea that he had. He explained: "I'd put down on this mic we had set up at all times just to mess about with. And obviously I put a lot of s--t on there, but some good stuff too." Flint added: "I originally put it down on something quite funky although the vocal is really aggressive and then we took the idea and rewrote some of it and it got changed and eventually became the track on the album."
  • This ferocious track features Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl on drums. He also contributed to the writing of its music. Producer and keyboardist Liam Howlett explained to The Sun February 20, 2009 how they hooked up with Grohl: "We've known Dave for years, since the Foo Fighters started and they supported us a few times. He is the nicest guy in rock without a doubt. If he was in London for one night and we were playing a gig, he would just turn up and play. He emailed me after he had finished touring and said, 'Why don't we do a track?' I was just about to deliver my album and so said yes, if he could get it out of the bag quickly. He sent me a hard drive full of drum tracks and Run With The Wolves was born out of that. It was a vocal Keith had done on an old tune and we assembled it together. It's a venomous tune. It's so different to the rest of the album, which is uplifting and abrasive. For three moody bastards, it's a really up record. I'm a beats man and a beat thief through and through. If there's a drummer to sample, then Dave Grohl's the man."
  • Howlett revealed to Time Out Dubai that Flint was in an angry mood when he penned this. He added: "It was definitely written about a certain someone. We don't know who it is, but Keith does."
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