Endless Sleeper

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  • The opening track to Raveonettes' Pe'ahi album, the song is about the band's Sune Rose Wagner's near drowning in 2008. He explained to Q magazine: "The song begins by retelling the horrific story of a near-drowning surfing incident I had in Hawaii six years ago and how sometimes young lives have to take risks in order to exist. "

    "This song starts out the same way as The Doors debut album," Wagner added. "The Doors are the ultimate West Coast band and an endless source of inspiration so it's only fitting we started off Pe'Ahi by paying tribute to them."
  • The album title refers to a place on the north shore of the island of Maui in Hawaii, which is a popular surfing spot. Speaking about the record's surf inspiration to Drowned in Sound, Sune Rose Wagner commented: "Musically there's a lot of surf guitar sounds in there. But used in very different ways to the traditional surf record sound," he said. "There's also a lot of references to surf language and beaches in the lyrics but again used in a very different context. It was a challenge to try and channel some of the inspiration I found - especially the surf history of Southern California - but not in an obvious way."
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