Killer in the Streets

  • This Pe'ahi track is about being deceived by an alluring girl. "The song moves you along like something you want blasting on the radio as you drive through the streets of L.A. on your way to meet with destiny," Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes told Billboard magazine. "I love the idea of heartbreak being something you become contaminated with, sick from. As they say, 'Hurt people, hurt people'... and if they don't hurt others they usually break themselves. Love is indeed a dangerous game but it is also the ONE thing we can all universally relate to."
  • The band's Sune Rose Wagner told Q magazine this is The Ravonettes' take on Sly & The Family Stone. "A hypnotic groove which builds to a climax and then dissolves until there are only drums and vocals left," he said.
  • The song's music video tells a tale of some killers on the loose and their converted victims. Sharin Foo features as "the beautiful blonde" and Sune Rose Wagner as the "converted heartbreaker." Director Rie Rasmussen commented to Billboard: "They inspire storytelling from the first guitar riff, such a hypnotic piece of music!"


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