Cat And Mouse

Album: Don't You Fake It (2006)


  • This song is about how the band is glad to be making their dream come true, but are still sad about being away from their friends and family while they're on tour. This is clear in the lyrics, "Am I supposed to be happy with all I ever wanted? It comes with a price." >>
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    Eric - West Valley City, UT

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  • Alia from Portland, OrIts about love and pain. About finally being with the person you love the most, then realizing that being with them could do more damage to them than good. Knowing that your relationship can end badly, and that things may not be as good as they seem. Hence the "Am I supposed to be happy with all i ever wanted (the person in the relationship with you)" and "you said you would die for me, you must live for me too". That line specifically makes me think of self harm. suicide and stuff, none of that friends and family BS

    But honestly- that's just my opinion, I am in a quite similar situation, it seems to fit best. at least to me
  • Shelby from Westerly, Rii have to agree with meg, this is probably THE best band ever!!!!! ;D They`re not going anywhere they`re here for good (hopefully, if they go anywhere i`ll cry)
  • Mercedies from Soldotna, AkI would have to agree about the relationship part. It doesn't make sense that it'd be about making their dreams come true and being away from friends and family. What about the line "You said that you would die for me"? Who's dying the dream? I think the relationship meaning fits better. I love this band and this song. good cd.
  • Jessica from Sydney, AustraliaI think the song is about a relationship, where they have been together for years and they were happy together but she left him "Believe me there was truth in all those stories that I told." indicates that he still wants the stories he told to come true and "Lost in a simple game cat and mouse" could mean that they fight or argue and just going round and round in circles or that he goes around in circles with relationships. Also the relationship is now over and he regrets it and isnt happy with the situation where other people reckon he should.

    thats my opinion.

    I love this song one of my favorites, and i love this band
  • John from Elgin, EuropeI Agree with Cody it sounds like that
  • Amanda from Phoenix, AzThis song is incredible!!! I love it
    And the band. So talented
  • Jordan from --, Inlove it...i think it's really cute.
  • Coty from Springfield, Ohi think the dude that said the song is about them making their dreams come wrong. for one hes basing that on one line in the song..which might imply what hes saying. i think its more along the lines of a relationship that between two people who liked eachother alot...then they slowly stoped feeling that way about eachother. re-read the lyrics with that in mind.
  • Ben from Sudbury, EnglandBrilliant band, Brilliant song i can almost play the piano parts lol
  • Meg from Kihei, HiI LOVE THIS SONG. SOO MUCH. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are truly talented. =3 Great GREAT BAND.
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