Your Guardian Angel

Album: Don't You Fake It (2006)
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  • This song is about a guy who loves a girl and would do anything for her. He says he will be there for her through it all and that he'll "Never let her fall." >>
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    Michael - Winchestersonville, WA
  • After a March 1, 2007 tornado killed eight students at Enterprise High School in Alabama, the band played an outdoor benefit concert there with proceeds going toward relief efforts at the school. The prom theme that year was "Your Guardian Angel."
  • In April 2008, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus announced the formation of the Guardian Angel Foundation, which was named after this song. The foundation was set up to assist with a number of causes, including music education and hyperglycemia research.

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  • Semi from QcThis song is my favorite music
  • Marla Singer from Somewhere In The Universe Randomly, I’ve had this song stuck in my head today. It’s been almost a decade since I lost you and I still miss you terribly. You said it takes a person half as long as they were together to get over the relationship, and it’s been way past that, but the thought of you still haunts me. Here I am like a crazy person almost a decade later writing something and hoping you piece together the clues and see it.

    Seeing you now kills me inside. I know you try to play it off like you’re happy and that you’re terrified to start over. I wish I could tell you that I know she’s cheating on you again, that you’re strong enough to walk away and heal. Even if spending your life with me isn’t your choice, I’d be at peace knowing you are happy and truly loved for who you really are. That man isn’t gone. That laugh isn’t gone. That smile isn’t gone.

    I’m here for you, always. I’ll always be your best friend. I tried to move on like you did and he was just like her, a great actor. He destroyed me and I’ve found myself finally. I’m stronger now.

    I wish I could go back and I would have never left you. I was young and so were you. You couldn’t save me from my past and my demons, I had to save myself. I asked too much from you and would leave before you left me, then when you did, it destroyed me and I frantically tried to get you back. I’m so sorry for that.

    I know you’re never see this, Mr. Durden, but on the off chance you do, know you’re strong and you deserve so much more in life. You can reach your dreams still, without anyone.

    When you look up into the night sky and see the stars, the ones that have been there for millions of years, the same stars that are over you are the same ones that are looking over me…let that be your reminder that life is good…and the deer are still awkward. ;)
  • Alshipulshi from AusThis is the song my husband and I had for our wedding last year. Such a sweet song with a hint of punk. Love it.
  • Southpaw031 from ChicagoI first heard this song in the prime of quarantine when I had just downloaded Spotify. I had just came back from a very long run and was getting into the shower when this recommended song came on. I'll never forget the moment I heard this song because it hit me so hard and I felt every lyric of this song. It was the type of song that was immediately on repeat followed by reading the lyrics while it played. I was training for an ultramarathon and couldn't wait to hear this jam in the mix of all these new songs I hadn't heard since I was in high school. Spotify became life changing with their recommendations. Yet the fact remains this song propelled me and gave me that extra gear I needed while training. I would go for really long runs and when this song came on it just gave me chills and it never got old. I'd often think about a relationship I had been in for 5 years (off an on) and the ones I loved and the ones I lost. I tried to dedicate this song to a girl I thought would be the one but when I met up with her she actually refused to listen when I tried to play it. So I kept this song for myself. I eventually came to realize that girl I tried so hard for was my karma for all my foul-ups in past relationships. It's funny. With all certainty, I can actually say that I have never looked at someone the way I look at you, A.C. Every time i see you looking back at me, I feel this moment of impact, it leaves me speechless. And I can't say I've ever had that with anyone other than you. It's really quite special.
    We ALL have that one person in our life, who got away... but here's the kicker.. recently, a past love of my life came back. She reached out from 13 years ago. I loved her with all my heart and she was so soooo hard to let go of, it took years to get over her. Yet now she's back and it might be temporary but just knowing she's doing well and is living her best life fills me with so much joy. The way she reached out to just "check in" and see how I'm doing let's me know that after all this time she really did love me too. When we were in our relationship, I didn't cherish it enough and I didn't protect what I had. I took us for granted. I was still a boy back then while thinking I was the man. I've gone through so many mixed emotions lately but the one emotion that overwhelms me is sheer joy. We chat on the phone and sometimes we don't even have anything to say yet I think we want to say so much. Have you ever sat on FaceTime with someone and you just stare at each other with stupid love in your eyes? It's that type of love that makes people sick. ...That is every single one of our phone calls. Her life is a little bit more complicated right now but we have a collab playlist together and I am going to throw this song on our playlist twice. That's how cheesy we are but this is my way of communicating to her how I feel about ALL of what has been happening. This song belongs on that list twice because my love for her is still very real and I know hers is real. I hope she feels what I feel when she hears this song. I want this song to be "ours" and no one else's. From now until our next life. I don't know if she will stay in my life but what I do know is that she raised the bar for me. Deep down I still don't feel good enough for her but she automatically makes me want to be better as a person in every single way. I think it's important to note that everything I write in this comment is only a fraction to how I really feel. 13 years have past and we are completely different people but when I hear her voice, see her smile, or read a text from her it makes me feel like the exact same as I was when I met her. And I question whether or not I've changed at all in those 13 years at all. I'd give anything to hold her hand while cruising down Lake Shore Drive blasting this song with the windows down.
    A.C., in this life or the next, when I see your smile, tears run down my face. I will never let you fall, I'll stand up with you forever, I'll be there for you through it all, Even if saving you sends me to heaven. 'Cause you're my, You're my, My true love
    My whole life, Please don't throw that away, Cause I'm here for you, Please don't walk away and Please tell me you'll stay...
    No matter what happens or what becomes of us, I'll always have your back. If you ever need anything, I'll be here for you. I'll always support you, love you, want to spoil you like the queen you are and I'll cherish the memories we have made even more. Continue to believe in love but more importantly continue to believe in hope that maybe one day... ????. Every night, when I'm on a walk with Max, I'll look up and find the brightest star in the sky, smile and think of you and how precious you are. I'm genuinely not trying to confuse you or damage anything in your life. If there is any lessons in life I've learned is that you should never leave words left unsaid. So here it all is. Your happiness means a lot to me and if you stay or go, you have given me nothing but smiles and joy that can carry me through the journey of life. I am so proud of you and I feel truly blessed to know you. Find peace for yourself, read that book, and keep the playlist alive with our faves. I'll be thinking about you.
  • Aguilar from Enterprise AlMy comment is for Rehman - I was in the March 1 tornado in Enteprise Al and like the other person had stated that destroyed our high school. It merged with another tornado that day and then went right through the middle of our school while we were there. It was the worst thing I have ever been through. When they came and held an outdoor concert for us it lifted our spirits. We lost so many young lives that day. Some of lyrics mean so much to us..examples : saving you sends me to heaven - he put his life before his girlfriend. When I see your smile tears rub down my face - I think it’s when we look at their pictures and we are overwhelmed with feelings and can’t help but cry. I am not trying to be rude or whatnot I just wanted to share a little bit of what our community went through and this song is more than just words to us.
  • Rehman from BradfordWhy do he have to say "Even If Saving You Sends Me To Heaven." What's wrong with Heaven?
  • Emily from Hartford, AlI doubt you all know this, but this The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus dedicated this song to the 8 teenagers who were killed by an E4 tornado in Enterprise, Alabama on March 1, 2007. A boy saved his girlfriend by throwing his body over hers. He was killed by the tornado, and she's alive today. He did it because he loved her and wanted for her to live. "I will never let you fall, I'll stand up with you forever. I'll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven." Thus, he's her guardian angel. Enterprise High School was destroyed by this tornado, and it was rebuilt and opened up two years ago. My brothers knew people who were in that school when the tornado hit. Those are MY song facts.
  • Alex from East Haddam, CtThis song reminds me of my best friend and how he is always there for me and that he will never let me fall and he will be there for me though it all
  • Rhianna from London, United KingdomI think of my friends.......That I will always be there for them and will let them fall. No matter what I have to do.
  • Tyrsa from Elgin, Txi think this song is about a guy/chick who loves this girl no matter what. he will do anything and be anything just to see her smile. when the lyrics say "When i see your smile, tears run down my face" it means he/she is so rejoiced in seeing her smile that he/she will just drop down in tears, they will do anything to make her happy, no matter what it may result for them. this song reminds me of my girlfriend. i love her soo much
  • Emma from Caledonia, Nyi've got this best friend of mine who..every time i hear this song, i think of. another close friend of mine is trying to get him to ask me out, and we all know he likes me, i've asked him and he said yeah. but so far, nothing. he's so stupid lol (: but i love 'im lol (:
  • Nadine from Covina, Cathis song reminds me of my ex spencer and he sang this song to me and i was really in love with and now everytime listen to this song it make me think of him and i have a new boyfriend but wen liseten to this makes me think of spencer and and i sitll like and i juat wish he didnt break up with me but its okayy.. i love this song its about love
  • Freddy from San Antonio, TxI dont underdtand this song that much in the beginning because it says " When i see your smile, tears run down my face" does that mean that he is like happy or sad to see her smile?
  • Chris from Nowear, Nhyeah im going though the same thing with my ex and shes the mother my 4 12 month old daughter and i was in a coma for 2 12 months too find we were no longer together so i can relate to the song
  • Kayla from Ione, CaThis song is obviously about someone who loves someone else so much. Total devotion. However, near the end of the song they do say, "Pull my strings just for a thrill" so the other person might just be playing with the narrator. But either way, it's one of my fave love songs
  • Cliff from Minneapolis, Mngreat song... needs a better music video though...
  • Ashley Dawn from New Albany, InI believe this song can be about many types of love, whether it be a romantic relationship or a relationship of another nature. The main theme through out the song is total devotion, so it does appear more natural for people to think of romance when they hear it..the singer is belting out notes about how he'll never turn away from someone. Such extreme loyalty is rarely found in your standard friendship and the tempo is a smidge off for a paternal love..but reguardless, the words say the same exact thing: I'm not going anywhere.

    I think the music, the simplicity in the words and the melody itself make this a song for the ages; it's timeless.
  • Jolee from Pasco, WaThis is mine and My girlfriends song

    Its about someone loving the person there dating so much that they would do anything for that person
  • Brittany from Brighton, TnI love this song so much it makes me cry sometimes!!!
  • Shay from Oliver Springs, Tni love this song. this is mine and my boyfriends song. i love him with all my heart
  • Yumi from Hartlepool, United KingdomWhen I hear the line: 'When I see your smile tears roll down my face' tears roll down MY face! I love this song so much
  • Trayc from Lawrenceville, GaI agree with alot of what TJ said because I have a close friend that we know we can tell anything to each other. And we are there for each other no matter what the problem is. And once we had almost went out but at the time she was with someone else so it never happened. And since then she has lost those kinds of feelings for me. But i still feel the same even though I'm with someone else now.
  • Jon from Mishawaka, Inbahahahaha the other night my roommate was singing this song to his girlfriend on the phone....i laughed so hard i cried. the end.
  • Remy from Omaha, Nethis was mine and my ex boyfriends song it makes me cry because he told me he would do anything for me and that he would never hurt me but then turned and cheated on me. i cant listen to this song with crying
  • Kelly from Terryville, CtThis is me and my fiance's song.
    I think that it's about a guy who is in love with a girl who doesn't love him back, or who cheated on him or has a different boyfriend; and he is telling her how much he cares for her no matter what; even if she doesnt love him back; and he is willing to die for her; and he will have these feelings no matter what.
    (I'm not exactly sure but that's what iI always have thought)
  • Kelso from Why?!?, CaI think that this song is about a boy who is in love wiht a girl. He believes that they are supposedly soulmates and they will never leave eachother even if something terrible happens to them. Hence the "I'll be there for you through it all even if saving you sends me to heaven."
  • Rebekah from West Palm Beach, FlThis song really means a lot to me. I was introduced to it last year and I've fallen in love with it ever since. The lyrics have really appealed to me, since I have a boyfriend and he means business. He has literally been there whenever I've fallen or tripped on something. I'm clumsy! Anyway, we both love each other a whole lot and I don't think anything can separate us.
  • Tiffany from Batavia, Nyi love this song and i think this song would definately go good with the new books and movie Twilight and the other 3 by stephenie meyer
  • Amerah Cris German from Ormoc, Philippines..i like and i love this song..because it is meaningful...the time that i heard this song..i remember my special friend...because it's our theme made me happy,,confident,,and have strength at all times...
  • Mary from Ewing, NjOk so i just read every post on this page!
    And this song reminds me of my first boyfriend! He is amazing and i still love him he sang this song for me and i could not even talk, i could not hold back the tears! At that moment in life i felt that he loved me and he did and still dose but sometimes things just sont work out! But thanks to him i have this song this one song that is just for us to i love Jose with every inch of my heart and to me that is what this song is about true love!... then again it is what YOU get out of it!
  • Markie from Pottsville, ArTo me, this song is not a boyfriend girlfriend love song. It means so much more to me. It was played at my best friends, (who is also my dad) funeral. If you listen to the lyrics and how the melody and voice combine into one, you'll see how amazing and meaningful this song actually is.
    Through this song, I'm telling my daddy that I love him with all of my heart and even though the rest of the world has already turned their backs on him, I could never do that.
  • Amor from Makati City, Philippinesi love this song to as the other introduce of my bestfriend who i love most(without his knowing)when he sang this song i feel comfortable,mostly when he look at me and says that song is for me!but it is only a dream that he can be ther through it all,coz i feel our closeness is only for a friend but for me it is not,i fall for him i dont know when or where and what happen.i only know that i feel comfortable when we are together and sang this song during our bonding moment!!
  • Anna from Detroit, MiThis song was alright for me. The lyrics are extremely general and lacking...spark. The thing that makes this song really worth listening to is rather the actual music than the lyrics. The melody is what brings the lyrics to life. During the bridge the melody does a sort of "triplethe thrid" thing or whatever where the notes become more minor melodic. the music brings this deep sad feeling into your soul, and I think that is why most people enjoy listening to it. And because of the mood of the song and the impliment of the lyrics the song is rather about a boyfriend and/or girlfriend relationship. Where the narrator begins saying, "use me as you will/pull my strings just for a thrill" thats part of where I get that bf/gf realationship pull and push. And the whoa oh oh's just give the whole song an overtone of agonization more found in that type of relationship. Oh and a reason the lyrics are lackiing is because of the constant really cheap rymes. plus it really has no set meter to give it that umph. The singer does rather shout the song at the listener, giving it a more spondaic tone. But I definately agree that if you want to get lost in a song, this is the one to do it.
  • Ray from Geneva, AlThis song is awesome.I love the words he uses to show how much that girl means to him.This is a great love song
  • James from Accrington, United KingdomI love this song.
    The song is about a person who loves someone else so much and they promise that no matter what happens they are there for them. when it says
    "seasons are changing
    and waves are crashing" est. it means that even in the worst situations they would do anything in there power to protect them no matter what happens to them. this person loves the other so much that they are willing to risk it all so the person they love the most can live a happy and safe life.
    when the song says
    "use me as you will
    pull my strings just for a thrill
    and i know i'll be okay
    though my skies are turning grey".
    this means that the person can use someone that loves them they can hurt them and make them feel bad but no matter what they will always be there alive or dead.
    This song is a promise from me to my best friend.
    i love you xxx
  • Hanna from Stockholm, SwedenI feel for this song. My friend introdused it to me and we share it together happily ever after. It's pretty good for her musictaste. And would people please stop wrighting about their boyfriends. There actually are people that dosent have annyone to die for. And I don't think they will feel much better by reading about your assets. Good song!
  • Brooke from Radcliff, Kythis song is amazing...just like my boyfriend. he is my angel.
  • Morgan from North Vernon, InThis is an awsome song its so sad and it reminds me of my boyfriend..I love it
  • Kory from El Paso, Txthis is so amazing it makes me sad because I have know one
  • Charlotte from Wenatchee, WaI love this song so inspired my to write meaningful songs like it.
    This song means SO much to me i cna't explain it.
    It's to AWESOMLY AMAZING for words.
  • Trevor from Winner, Sdi love this song. it reminds me of me....i miss me, my name is trevor
  • Zack from Surprise, Azi love this song. it reminds me of my ex....i miss her, her name is lisa.
  • Aaron from New Hampton, IaIt was Originally Titled "The Acoustic Song" and said "I'll Stand Up For You Forever" instead of with you. If you look in the lyric book of their CD 'Don't You Fake It' you will see the title, "The Acoustic Song". The original version also did not feature the vocal part between the first chorus and second verse ("It's Okay...") and the band did not sing the chorus up the octave.
  • Michelle from Joburgomg i love this song soo much ... its jus gives me like such a feeling ...
  • Zier from --, Inthis song is so sweet, i love it. i cry when i hear it becuase it's so loving that a guy would do that for someone...
  • Tj from Woodbridge, VaEverytime i her this song i think of my friend that i liked but im still willing to be there for her and do anything for her. but i have a gf and things are sorta falling apart, and i feel like i still like my there friend. so this song has alot of meaning to it and to me personally.
  • Brodie from Melbourne - Victoria, Australiathis is an awsome song. It is so nice!!!
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