I Will Dare

Album: Let It Be (1984)


  • This is one of the most acclaimed Replacements tracks, and the opener of Let It Be. Peter Buck of R.E.M. plays the guitar solo at the beginning. >>
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  • Chuckubus from Sf Bay AreaFor Myla in San Diego, I am not sure why this song has to be about an older man and a minor girl. That seems to be how your mind frames it for whatever reason, but remember Paul wrote this as a young man. Even it the man in this song were 25, girls who are 19 seem really young at that age, it’s still a big difference. Or if you are 45 and a girl is 21, still a big difference. Not sure why the man has to be so old and the girl a minor. But it’s your interpretation that impacts you, so if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t sing it!
  • Chuckubus from Sf Bay AreaPeter Buck plays the guitar solo in the middle of the song-confirmed by Bob Mehr’s book, Trouble Boys. Paul plays mandolin, a part which was added later.
  • Myla from San Diego, CaOkay, I thought this was a cool song when I started to listen to the Replacements in the late 80's, but 30 years later, when I occasionally listen to the song, it is sung from the point of view of an older man (still immature) hitting on a much younger minor girl. Not good lyrics to be singing to...any thoughts out there?
  • Andy from Omaha, NeActually, the album credits "Paul on 12-string electric, mandolin; Chris, tambourine; Pete Buck, guitar solo" and you can also hear Bob's original guitar solo track underneath Pete Buck's solo (which is in the middle of the song, not the beginning.) Just wanted to clear that up for the sake of us diehards.
  • Mary from Mpls, MnThe album credits read it was a mandolin solo that Pete Buck opened the song with.
  • Geoff from Dover, Nhpeter buck gets asked about this more than "man on the moon"
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