Loco Gringos Like A Party

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  • At a concert, The Reverend explained that this song is about a real band called The Loco Gringos that used to play in California. They had a lot of character, and would literally bring "5 bales of hay" to decorate the set; they cruised town in a "Cadillac Hearse" and had a tour bus painted like the Mexican flag; they lived in a house they called "Gringo Manor;" and there was a guy who would sell corndogs at their shows, which explains the line, "Hey there, Pablo, whatcha got in the bag?" >>
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    Jim - Aurora, CO

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  • Rich from Austin, TxI recall seeing 2 Loco Gringos shows with bales of hay on stage getting picked apart and thrown around all over the place, but I had always thought that one of the other bands playing on the same bill, the Hickoids, were the ones who brought the hay.
  • Dan from Rushville, OhThe Rev is a must see in concert. I have seen him 7 times and love every one. Jim on his stand up bass is awesome.
  • Beck from Fort Worth, TxJim, your part right. Although, The Loco Gringos were from Dallas Texas as was the Rev. They drove a black Caddy Hearse with flame job and some sombrero wearing skeletons painted on. The hearse also had a tequila bottle mohawk from the windshield back. I don't remember the hay bales, but I wouldn't put it past them to do so. They often had the "flaming burro" onstage with them. Also, a Gringos show was like a huge party.
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