Sad Sad Sad

Album: Steel Wheels (1989)
  • This is the first track from Steel Wheels, an album that brought The Stones back together. Jagger and Richards had both done solo albums and it looked like The Stones may have been done.
  • The horns were played by the Brass ensemble The Kick Horns.
  • Ron Wood played bass. Bill Wyman, The Stones bassist, had to deal with the press after announcing his engagement to 18-year-old Mandy Smith, and was not available. Wyman and Smith divorced soon after their marriage.
  • Charlie Watts helped write this, but as was custom for The Stones, it was credited only to Jagger/Richards.

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  • Alastair from Stranraer, United Kingdom"The elephants in the bedroom throwing all it's weight about" - great line!
  • Craig from Melbourne, Australia"elephants in the bedroom".

    Go Mick!
  • Ethan from Portland, Ori'm one of the few Stones fans that actually digs this one; check out Flashpoint for a rollicking live version.
  • Greg from Victoria, CanadaA sad,sad,sad excuse for a song and I love the stones.
  • J L from Sevilla, SpainIn a interview given to Guitar Player magazine, Keith Richards revealed that the intro guitar, the first notes to be heard in the record, in fact, were played by Mick Jagger, even though the sound is pure vintage Richards (Open-G tuning). "He's learned a lot, he has a good teacher". One may guess that in the previous years Jagger had toured as a solo artist promoting his 2 solo records, with great guitarists backing him (Jeff Beck, for a start), and he played guitar on those tours.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaThank god for so many rolling stones songfacts. It's funny that a song with this title is so upbeat.
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