The Spider And The Fly

Album: Out Of Our Heads (1965)


  • The Stones recorded this at Chess studios in Chicago during their first US tour. Many American Blues artists who The Stones admired recorded there.
  • This is about the pursuit of women on the road. Mick Jagger is the spider and the fly is the girl who gets caught in his web.
  • The Stones redid this for their 1995 compilation Stripped. In order to reflect their advancing age, the woman who comes on to Jagger in the song was changed from 30 to 50 years old.
  • In the UK, this was released as the B-side of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."
  • Mick Jagger (1995): "I really wasn't mad about it, but when you listen to it on record, it still holds up quite interestingly as a blues song. It's a Jimmy Reed blues with British pop-group words, which is an interesting combination: a song somewhat stuck in a time warp." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Cheech from Albany, AustraliaSorry you feel that way, Mick J, but this is one of my all-time fav Stone's songs - guess it's coz it's such a laid-back blues number, very traditional from my perspective. Any of the early Blues by the Stones are pretty-well right on the mark for my taste.
  • Demian from Buenos Aires, Argentinathis song is the side b of I cant get no satisfaction. In original edition(england edition, for deca) this song not be in out of our head.
  • Orangebeaker from Edinburgh, ScotlandThis song is only available on the US version of Out Of Our Heads, which is much better than the UK version btw.
  • Orangebeaker from Edinburgh, ScotlandThis was apparently a favourite of Peter Sutcliffe, the man who went on to become the Yorkshire Ripper. Apparently he used to put it on the jukebox all the time when he was out drinking, and often played it twice in a row. It's quite spooky when you look at the lyrics.
  • Mike from Berkeley, CaThis is a great blues song and it's been copied by many other artists; however there's something very unique they do with the guitars along with the Jimmy Reed type rhythm and clever harmonica. With the E7 chords they add this little chord part:


    Hit each chord form on the beat, hold the last one for two beats

    Then on the A7 drop down to this


    I wish this field would support a smaller font, but if you put it into word, it might come out right.. Anyway.. that's what I wanted to say.
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