Well I Wonder

Album: Meat Is Murder (1985)


  • This was also the B-side to the "How Soon Is Now" single.
  • "Well I Wonder" was the first track on the Meat Is Murder album to be written. Guitarist and co-songwriter Johnny Marr recalled to Uncut magazine February 2008: "I remember the start of the (Meat Is Murder) record because I moved back to Manchester (Meat Is Murder was recorded in Liverpool) very deliberately - to get the atmosphere right for the instrumental tracks I was writing. And that worked out immediately because 'Well I Wonder' came out of that, with the rain and everything. When we did it we knew it would be popular because it had that real sense of yearning in it."

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  • Dn from FloridaJohnny Marr can't form sentences well - his sentences come across as forced and contrived. It's clear who the real lyricist was.
  • Neil from Birmingham, UkI almost got a tattoo with 'This is the final stand of all I am' but chickened out. I can't listen to it much but a few months between listens really helps me see how good it is. It was on The Chain, a bit on BBC 6 music and the positive reaction was huge.
  • George from Baton Rouge, LaIncredible song. Very moving. Romantic.
  • Don from San Antonio, TxMy fave on this album! I like the part about moving back to Manchester to get the mood right. Whatever it takes.
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