Come See About Me

Album: Where Did Our Love Go (1964)
Charted: 27 1
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  • The third US #1 hit for The Supremes, this was written and produced by the Motown team of Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland - the same guys who wrote their first two chart toppers: "Where Did Our Love Go" and "Baby Love." The songs they wrote for The Supremes dealt with matters of the heart. "Come See About Me" finds Diana Ross in a bad spot: she gave up her friends to be with a guy, and now he's gone too. She asks him to come back, sure that once he comes back around she can make him hers.
  • In August 1964, this was included on the Where Did Our Love Go album. Soon after, a singer named Nella Dodds covered it and released it as a single. Motown responded by putting The Supremes version out as a single on October 27, which quickly climbed the chart, reaching #1 in the US on December 19. Dodds' rendition stalled at #74 on November 28.
  • On December 26, 1964, this was bumped off the top spot in the US by the Beatles song "I Feel Fine," which stayed there for three weeks before getting toppled by "Come See About Me," which returned to the top on January 16, 1965.
  • Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels took the song to #113 US in 1967. Motown group Junior Walker & The All Stars reached #24 with their saxophone-driven version in 1968.

    Two other acts covered the song and named their albums in which they were included Come See About Me: Neil Sedaka (in 1984) and Freda Payne (in 2001). Sedaka's version features Mary Wilson of The Supremes on backup vocals. >>
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  • Martina McBride put her own take on this song for her 2014 collection of covers, Everlasting. She told Billboard magazine: "It wasn't on our list to do. We were looking at this other song, but it popped up on iTunes, and we all just looked at each other and said 'We should do that song.' It's really fun and will be familiar to a lot of people."
  • One month after this song's release (and two days after Christmas), The Supremes performed this song while making their debut guest appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The Supremes would go on to appear 19 more times on show, which is more than any other pop act.

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn November 8, 1964, two versions* of "Come See About Me" entered Billboard's Top 100 chart...
    Nella Dodds' version entered at #87, the following week it was at #84, and then on it's third and final week on the chart it peaked at #74...
    She had one other Top 100 record, "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers", it stayed on the chart for two weeks, peaking at #96...
    * The other version of "Come See About Me" to enter the Top 100 on Nov. 8th, 1964, at position #66, was by the Supremes, five weeks later it would peak at #1 {for 2 consecutive weeks} and it spent fourteen weeks on the Top 100...
    And from the 'For What It's Worth' department; the week the Supremes' "Come See About Me" entered the Top 100, the trio's "Baby Love" was in it' third of four weeks at #1 on the chart.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 25th 1964, the Motown Revue appeared at the Fox Theatre in Brooklyn, New York...
    At the time there were eight Motown records on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; At #2 was "Come See About Me" by the Supremes, at #27 "How Sweet It Is" by Marvin Gaye, #29 "Too Many Fish in the Sea" by the Marvelettes, #33 "Baby Love" the Supremes, #39 "Wild One" by Martha & the Vandellas, #56 "Without The One You Love" by the Four Tops, #65 "Come Do the Jerk" by the Miracles, and finally at #77 "Can You Jerk Like Me" by the Contours.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn November 18th 1964 the Supremes performed "Baby Love" and "Come See About Me" on the ABC-TV program 'Shindig!'*...
    At the time the song was in its 4th and last week at #1 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart...
    And "Come See About Me" was at #31; and twenty-five days later on December 13th, 1965 it would reached #1 {for 2 weeks}...
    * On the night of Nov. 18th, 1964 ABC-TV aired two half-hour episodes of 'Shindig!'; this one at 8:30 PM and then the 2nd episode at 9 PM {the show would expand to sixty minutes per episode in January 1965}.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 27th, 1964 the Supremes performed "Come See About Me" on the CBS-TV program 'The Ed Sullivan Show'.
    One month earlier on November 8th it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; and on December 13th it peaked at #1 (for 2 non-consecutive weeks) and spent 14 weeks on the Top 100...
    It was #1 on the Top 100 for 1 week, then "I Feel Fine" by the Beatles knocked it out of the top spot and the Fab Four remained at #1 for 3 weeks with the girls being at #2 during that time, but the girls then returned the favor and jumped back to #1 for a week and pushed "I Feel Fine" down to #2...
    The week it entered the Top 100 their "Baby Love" was in its 3rd of 4 weeks of being at #1.
  • Don from Auckland, New ZealandJust played on Radio Coast in Auckland, New Zealand. Station listened to all over the world mostly by the Net.
  • Kristin from Bessemer, AlThis song was rush released while "Baby Love" was still burning up the charts, because someone at Motown learned that New York-based Wand Records was about to release a similar version featuring a singer named Nella Dodds - it was actually no contest - Dodds' version stopped at #74, while the Supremes' version went all the way to #1.
  • John from Fort Worth, TxAddendum to my first post (below): I called Ms Ross "Diane" since I belive that was the form she prefered and I misspelled the late Florence Ballard's name. John Martin, 47
  • Amanda from Shreveport, LaI used to listen to this ALOT when I was growing up!! Love it!!!
  • Jim from Dearborn Heights , MiThis was the first song they did on the Ed Sullivan Show and Oprah Winfrey made a comment that when she saw them singing it it changed her life this was one of many 18 appearances on the show more than any other artist on that show at the time. Also it was their third number one on their second album Where Did Our Love Go at that time when that album came out they were the first group to have three number ones on one album
  • John from Fort Worth, TxTo me, this is the definitive song from "The Supremes" in their early years. The sound and style and lyrics say it all. Thanks to all the people who made it happen, including Diane Ross, Barry Gordy, Florence Balland and Mary Wilson. John
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