A Box Full Of Sharp Objects

  • Various quotes from The Used regarding this song: "This is the song that first attracted John Feldmann to our band. We were sending him mp3s of our songs as we wrote them. This is the one that really stood out to him and made him decide to produce our band."
    "This is a song about being proud of what we were doing for once and and loving music to the fullest. The idea actually came from some sheet music. A box full of sharp objects represents a measure of time on paper with quarter notes. We all thought that it was a very strong metaphor."
    "It's the song that we really realized that working together and having the different influences we all have could work really good for us."
    "We played it at our first show ever back in Provo and we had 3 ballerinas dancing on stage during it. It was beautiful, they were all in black and had pale face makeup on. it was amazing, but some of the kids didn't seem to really get it." >>
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    Beanie - Salt Lake City, UT
  • The Used bassist Jeph Howard tells us that "A Box Full of Sharp Objects" is probably his favorite song by the band. Howard explains: "It's still a pretty strong song. I think it's just the mental area we were in during that first record. It's like it was experimental."
  • Along with "Buried Myself Alive," this is one of the early songs The Used continued to play in their live shows 10 years later. The decision on what songs to include in the shows is difficult for the band. Bassist Jeph Howard says: "It's kind of hard when you're touring and you only play a certain amount of time. You only get like an hour and a half and sometimes like a half hour. Trying to throw in five and a half records into that gets a little difficult."
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  • Kayla from Ione, CaI absolutly love this song. In fact, I had a huge fight with this one girl, but it had to be done. I feel much better and I know I did the right thing, and I couldn't stop listening to this song, especially the part "I just feel stronger" That part sends chills down my spine.
  • Caz from Minnesot Lake, Nmthis should be on a guitar hero....
  • Ashley from Buffalo, NyThis is the first song I heard from The Used and it has to be one of my absolute favorites. I got a lot of my friends addicted to this song too.
  • Jenni from Nowhere, OhThis song is amazing when heard live. Simply excellent.
  • Nicki from Pittsburgh, Pathis song is the absoulte best of all there songs and it is berts fave song to preform live hey it would be my fave song to prefome live to
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