I'm A Fake

Album: In Love And Death (2004)
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  • Used lead singer Bert McCracken wrote the lyrics to this song, which starts off with a spoken word piece from a poem he wrote when he was younger. It's a very cathartic song about creating an image for yourself that comes to define you, and then suffering under that pretense as the anger builds up. The Used bassist Jeph Howard tells us that McCracken wrote the song from the viewpoint of another person, and sings about what it would be like to be in their shoes.
  • Although touring can be intense, The Used bassist Jeph Howard doesn't think the band would ever "fake it" or "dial it in" as talked about in this song. "We try to be as true in a song as we can all the time," says Howard. "But at the same time, music is such an evil world. It's like the music industry is a bunch of Mafia guys."
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  • Kyse from Sydney, AustraliaThe verses spoken by Bert at the begining are verses from a poem he wrote when he was younger.
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