On My Own

Album: The Used (2002)
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  • Guitarist Quinn Allman: "'That's my song. It's about the summer that me and my best friend spent, the summer after high school, we spent sleeping on patches of grass and drinking soda. That song is kind of a flashback to me about being back in Utah. We'd just sit there and listen to music and talk to each other." >>
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  • Amber from CaliforniaWhen I was younger, this song was just another song that was apart of the album. However, 19 years later, this song resonates with my soul. The inner struggles that I am dealing with are heavy and I am realizing that the least I know about certain things, the better my heart can remain guarded. "On My Own" has me bawling my eyes out during this season in my life.
  • Jasmine from Oklahoma, Okthe first time i heard this song i cried :'(.I could hear the pain in Bert's voice and also i agree with you patrick."Knowing nothing is better then knowing at all..." really makes me think about my live....
  • Brianna from Dallas, United StatesI agree. 'On My Own', every time I listen to it, it literally brings chills up my spine.
    I guess it's the fact that it is so easy to relate to that does it. And you can just hear the pain in Bert's voice, especially when he screams.

    I also agree on what Patrick said; the lyric "Knowing nothing is better than knowing at all" really sticks out.
    Those words really makes you think about your life and how that's one thing that you've noticed couldn't be more true. Like that there really are some things that you'd rather not know.
    It's hard to explain.
    But it's amazing to me how much power is behind, not only The Used, but this song alone.
  • Evangeline from Dallas, TxDang...okay oops...I'm so stupid! My last comment was meant to be posted under "Poetic Tragedy"
  • Evangeline from Dallas, TxThis is the most amazing song EVER!!! It is my all time favourite song. The lyrics really mean something...and I find it amazing that a single track could mean so much to me and make me think about all that I have. This song is what finally pushed me to pursue my dream...even though the song is about giving up on them. The Used will forever be the greatest band ever...and for Quinn if you ever read this...I love you! Thank you...for everything...
  • Pya from Jakarta, Indonesiabest song ever! this song reminds me of something that become one of the best things in my life. I really love Bert voice when he screams, it slways stucking in my head and I really love the way of Quinn Allman plays his guitar. great!
  • Amber from Bake-o, CaThis song makes me think about so many things. I love it. When I feel like I miss something this is the song I go to listen to. It's a great song. KUDOS!
  • Hannah from Sydney, AustraliaI saw this song live on the Taste Of Chaos tour in Sydney, it was beautiful, then Bert started talking about the Devil, grilled cheese and gasoline. He also made us make the biggest skankpit i've ever seen, it must have been 50m wide. I LOVE BERT.
  • Kourtlyn from Helotes, TxThis songs makes me think of how i would feel once i finish highschool. It's a very sad song. The Used has very good lyrics.
  • Justin from Poovillegreat song....thats all i have to say
  • Jennifer from Lorain, OhYea... when bert screams in this song... you hear the pain in his voice... and you can almost hear it through the bass that jepha's crying inside... branden and quinn too... they all got soooo into it- expecially in the maybe memories cd when its live... wow....
  • Mgn from Mech., Pathis is their best song yet.-one of my favorites!
  • Katie from Bay Minette, AlOnly someone unable to understand the genius behind Bert McCracken and the rest of the talented musicians that make up the Used.
  • Yolanda Morphinite from Bountiful , UtThis is one of the best songs of all time. It has such a powerful feel and message to it. It makes me want to cry.
  • Agnes from Jaroslaw, PolandI love it I love it I love it. It's the best voice, the best lyrics, the best song EVER! :)Could you write about 2 more songs by the Used: caught a fire and taste of ink??
  • Patrick from Buffalo, NyThis song is so deep, it makes you think about so much. Notice the lyric, "Knowing nothing is better than knowing it all." If you ponder that statement it makes you think about your life...
  • Toni from Fort Wayne, InThis is my favorite song by the used. They're lyrics are very true, and this is one i can relate to.
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