Poetic Tragedy


  • This song tells the story of a struggling musician who feels that there is no place for him in the world. Feeling he is a lost cause, he takes his own life (as stated in the final verse of the song). Many artists - painters, writers and often musicians - are not appreciated during their lifetimes, but their work becomes popular after they die. When we spoke with Jeph Howard from The Used, he said, "I think that song was originally was about another musician or songwriter. It was a mix between a thought of a person spending his whole life writing art and then dying before he really felt fulfilled." (here's our full Jeph Howard interview.)

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  • Parker from New Jerseyi feel like this song is about bert and his mormon background especially with lines like: "in violent frustration he cries out to god or just no one." as someone who grew up in a cult (not mormonism but the jehovah witnesses) this song resonates with me. that feeling of that "god" isn't listening to you, the feeling that he isn't there. along with the feeling of there's nothing really left, which is portrayed by the breakdown in the 3rd verse: "why world, why world, hate you, hate you, bye world."
  • Jess from Brisbane, AustraliaI love The Used - their lyrics are meaningful and sung perfectly and the music itself is just pure genius.
  • Evangeline from Dallas, TxI accidentally posted the comment for this song on "On My Own"...please do read it. I think this is the most amazing song ever!!! The lyrics have strong meaning and they have actually made my life different after hearing them. The Used is THE greatest band ever and forever will be!
  • Jennifer from Lorain, OhYeah the Bert and Quinn wrote this song VERRRYYY early in the morning...
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