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Album: Glad All Over (2012)


  • When The Wallflowers decided to enlist Clash guitarist Mick Jones for the Glad All Over album, they sent the axeman both this song and "Reboot The Mission" for his consideration. Thinking he'd pick one, the band was delighted when Jones decided to contribute towards both tunes. Scheduling conflicts kept Jones from recording his fretwork with the band in Nashville, but he sent his parts via the Internet.
  • Jakob's father Bob Dylan wrote in his autobiography, Chronicles, that he regrets not asking Mick Jones to be a part of his for his Oh Mercy-era band. When asked by Spinner if his dad's book inspired him to contact the Clash guitarist, the Wallflowers frontman replied: "That's not something I was conscious of. But I think I read that same thing. I think there was a possibility to do some touring. I'm not sure if it was a record, but I don't think anybody denies the magic and brilliance of Mick Jones and what he does. That wouldn't surprise any of us that [my father] might have thought of him."


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