Dear Mr. God

Album: Letters to God Soundtrack (2010)
  • The Warren Brothers is an American Country music duo composed of brothers: lead vocalist and pianist Brett Warren and guitarist Brad Warren. The pair have released several studio albums but have had more success with the songs they have co-written for other artists including Dierks Bentley, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Martina McBride. Among the biggest hits on their résumé is Dierk Bentley's country #1, "Feel That Fire."
  • The two brothers wrote this song for the 2010 movie Letters to God. Brett Warren told The Boot about it: "We tried to be honest when writing this song. If we were writing a letter to God, what would we really say to Him? A lot of faith-based songs are about 'we worship you,' and it misses people. I wanted to write it from the standpoint if you were not raised in church and just believed in God. If you were basically going to sit down and ask Him some honest questions and be real honest with Him, what would you say?
    One of my favorite parts of the song is in the chorus. It says 'I'm all right, but I can't lie.' No one ever brings it up, but I love the fact that we said 'I can't lie' in a letter to God. That's something I thought was kind of funny. It's a little behind-the-scenes humor. Every time I hear it I'm laughing and thinking nobody thinks that's funny but me? You're writing a letter to God and you say 'I can't lie.' Well no kidding! You're talking to God! He knows if you're lying."


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