Album: The White Stripes (1999)


  • Jack White explained: "The Astro is whatever you do in secret that nobody knows about. Everybody does the Astro. Jimmy does the Astro." (from the: White Stripes FAQ)
  • The last three lines make reference to Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, who came up with different methods of transmitting electricity. Edison's method was Direct Current (DC), which was more accepted at the time. Tesla championed Alternating Current (AC), which eventually became the standard, but not before Tesla went insane. >>
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  • Darrell from Eugene, United StatesOne thing's fer sure: This song is not about the dog from "The Jetsons", nor is it about the first Chevy minivan since the Corvair Greenbriar, both of which make the Lumina APV comparable to a Rolls-Royce in comparison.
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