Blue, Red, And Grey

Album: The Who By Numbers (1975)


  • This peaceful song written by Pete Townshend is about keeping your chin up no matter what the day brings. >>
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  • Rick from MichiganYou have "cocktails in the blue red and grey" when you are sitting and watching the sunset over water - blue sky above, red on the horizon, and grey on the water. Not sure where I read that. Makes sense to me. Love this album, love this song.
  • Mike from San Diego, CaSo...what is the Blue Red & Grey?
    I manner of dress. I fancy club, restaurant?
    How does one have "cocktails in the Blue Red & Grey"?
  • None from None , WyI hear he was seriously considering suicide while writing this song, and the whole Who By Numbers album, and that he didn't really like this song because it was him "wanting to commit suicide" and that he couldn't believe that they wanted to put it on the album. That doesn't detract from my love for it, though. And, though I'm not sure I think its an optimistic song, I would say that it's his attempt at trying to be more hopeful. It does have a sad element to it, a sort of hopeless element to it. I think many of the songs and much of the albums succeeding Who's Next are primarily very sad/bitter. Much of The Who By Numbers(Imagine a Man, They're All In Love, However Much I Booze, etc.) has very sad undertones. And much or Who Are You has that same element of bitter sadness. Townshend was going through some hard times.
  • Ryan from Apple Valley, CaSorry to burst people's bubble, but this song is completely sarcastic, which kinda follows the themes with the rest of The Who By Numbers, but to each his or her own. It does make me happy to hear it though, and there are elements of empathy and sincerity as when Pete says he knows a guy who works the night shift who's lucky to get a job and some pay.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaGreat song. Who By Numbers is one of my favorite albums.
  • Shannan from Wilmington, DeI love this song it really does make me keep my chin up when I'm down. I love to listen to it. Pete Townshend has a great voice in this song. One of Pete's best song.
  • Miles from Vancouver, CanadaThis song is actually a barebones performances. It's just Townshend on ukulele & vocals, with some multi-tracked trumpets by John Entwistle. A hard rock version with Roger on lead vocals was recorded, but it was either erased or destroyed and has never resurfaced.
  • Josie from Funkytown, NcThis is a cute song.
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