Moving To New York

Album: A Guide To Love Loss And Desperation (2007)
Charted: 13


  • This was originally released in January 2007 in a limited edition vinyl whereupon it was championed by BBC Radio One. A year later it had a full release as the band's third single from their A Guide To Love Loss And Desperation album.
  • The song is about one of front man Matthew Murphy's relationships that went sour. Drummer Dan Haggis explained to the Liverpool Echo January 12, 2007: "It was something to do with a girl he was dating. He bumped into her in a bar and saw her kissing another girl! She was Norwegian and a bit crazy so he said he wanted to move to New York to get away."
  • Matthew Murphy had been experimenting with his songwriting but this was the song that established the skittish pop Wombats sound. He explained to Filter Magazine Spring 2008: "I didn't think anything of it until I really heard it when we practiced it in rehearsal. Dan and Tord kept saying, 'We've got to do this one; it's a hit.' So I don't really listen to my stomach anymore; I just listen to the other guys."

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  • Rahul from Brsivegas, Australiahaha len.... Wombats + skins = my english wet dream, brilliant song and love cass.
    btw they better reveal wether sid and cass get together again
  • Elena from Paradise City, --P.S. I'm feeling a bit lonely, where are all the Wombats fans? =[
  • Elena from Paradise City, --Great song, simple but stunning. The type of song anybody can like just by listening to it once.
    Reminds me of Skins for some reason. Love how you can here his accent through the lyrics ^^,
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