The Yardbirds

1963-1968, 2003-
Keith RelfVocals1963-1968
Chris DrejaGuitar1963-2013
Paul Samwell-SmithBass1963-1968
Jim McCartyDrums1963-
Eric ClaptonGuitar1963-1965
Jeff BeckGuitar1965-1966
Jimmy PageGuitar1966-1968
Earl SlickBass, guitar2015
John IdanGuitar1992-
Myke ScavoneVocals2015-
Kenny AaronsonBass2015-

The Yardbirds Artistfacts

  • One of the lesser known British Invasion bands, The Yardbirds produced three of the greatest guitarists of all time: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. Their heavy guitar sound and experimental approach was a huge influence on Cream, The Jeff Beck Group, and Led Zeppelin. When the band broke up, Page reformed as The New Yardbirds before Led Zeppelin came together.
  • Relf was 32 years old when he was electrocuted in 1976. His electric guitar was not properly grounded, and he died while playing it in his home studio.
  • They opened for The Beatles in 1964.
  • They popularized the "Rave-up," which is an unstructured jam session where the musicians don't solo, but play in tandem, often for up to 30 minutes, before climaxing and returning to the song.
  • In 1963 they became the house band at the Crawdaddy Club in London, replacing The Rolling Stones.
  • Dreja and McCarty put together a new version of the band in 2003 and released the album Birdland. >>
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