I Need A Miracle

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  • The title track of Christian rock band Third Day's twelfth studio album was inspired by a conversation the band had with a couple in New Jersey after a concert. "Their son was in a really depressed place in life. He drove way into the woods and was going to commit suicide," frontman Mac Powell recounted. "He was going to kill himself, but he turned on the radio and he heard 'Cry Out To Jesus' (from Third Day's 2005 LP Wherever You Are). It literally changed his heart and gave him encouragement to keep going. When you hear a story like that, it just blows you away."

    Powell took the essence of that story and penned this song. He said: "It's about the power of music and how God can use it to speak to people's hearts, minds and spirits. That's why it's so important."
  • "Cry Out To Jesus" was inspired by a local family whom Powell knew losing their infant son. Speaking to us about the connection between the two songs, he said: "It's interesting how one song, a situation can affect the writing of a song and how that song can affect someone else in a situation, and then that story can affect another song. And it kind of goes round and comes back again." (Read more in our interview with Mac Powell.)
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  • Ron from Pittston, PaGreat song! Written for all those who "Need a Miracle".
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