Motorcycle Drive By

Album: Third Eye Blind (1997)


  • Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of Third Eye Blind, wrote this about a girl he met and really liked. He went to see her in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York and realized that things could never work with them. The song isn't about her, it's about him - the reasons he got attached and the things he realized about himself. >>
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  • Jenkins explained that when he went to visit his girlfriend and she dumped him, he had nowhere to go. He just drove around on his motorcycle in the rain, which is why it's called "Motorcycle Drive By." >>
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  • Kushal from Ghaziabad, IndiaSuch a beautiful song! The lyrics are very well connected and the pain has been depicted by rights.
  • Doug from Westfield, MaMotorcycle Drive By is first about the setting of where Jenkins finally had a realization of what his heart would not totally allow him to accept. It only seems like the sun is always in his eyes because he feels like he puts himself in impossible situations and can't figure out why sometimes. In this case he went out to Chelsea to visit a girl with whom he had become infatuated. This raw emotion of infatuation misled him into falsely believing that something could actually wind up developing between the two of them (that she would reciprocate his emotions). Meanwhile, in his logical thoughts, for whatever the exact reasons (likely how he realized she viewed him as only a friend), he knew nothing could ever happen romantically between them. This dissonance gave him that deep in your chest and stomache feeling of being in love and being rejected at the same time. Hence, "I've never been so alone and I've never been so alive". Every time his logical side attempted to convince his emotional side about his actual situation it repeatedly brought back those deep conflicting emotions. So, to finally let go and move on, he had to explain the beauty and serenity of this woman to imagine her as some celestial body that he could never catch up to in the vastness of the cosmos. So, he must let her go on her way in the hopes that she will not actually take a piece of him with her, but that he may actually possess a piece of that type of free, careless, and serene way of being. That serenity will help him let go of her. But alas, there will always be a part of him that will never let go of his hopes at that point in his life, because although it hurt deeply, it also made him feel immensely alive in that process of yearning. That, for him, may have been the deepest feeling of desire or love he has ever had for another person, but that love was all in is head, or perhaps his heart.
  • Liv from Long Island, Nyi was at the april 29 2008 show in nyc and jenkins said the same thing. it was funny
  • Rachel from Boston<3, Mai really love this song. it reminds me of when i was a kid in high school and this song first came out :)
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnGorgeous and honest lyrics. My fave song from this awesome band.
  • Nick from Landisburg, PaI disagree. He is saying that they'll never be friends again because he says, "You won't know who I am."
  • Emily from Nebraska, NeI think when he says "this is the last time, we'll be friends again" he's trying to say that this is the last time they'll date, or maybe the last time he'll put up with something she keeps doing to him, but over time they can become friends again.
  • Chelle from Hilo, Cai love his lyricism... it's amazing... i wish i could write like that...
  • Adrian from Gettysburg, PaI first heard this song when I was 15 when I had a horrible crush on this girl that I couldn't even talk to. At the time, I could obviously relate to the lyrics very well.
  • Carmelo from Manila, Philippinesyeah, great song that reminds me of my significant half that I could never have, still i'm the one who's stupid. I hope, she takes a piece of me with her! Jenkins did an amazing job on this! But what burns is.. can you really not be friends with the one who dumped you??
  • Miya from Seattle, WaDuring the concert on April 30, 2008 in NYC, Stephen Jenkins opened this song by saying it was about "stealing those orange traffic cones" Just a fun fact.
  • Kyle from Denver, CoThis song helped me through a really tough break up, just wanted to give props to Stephan Jenkins for makin such a beautiful song!!!
  • Pe from Hamburg, Germany"...and there is this buurning, like there has always been...I have never been so alone -, and I - I've never been so ALIVE" can just feel the agony screaming out of him, the love and the broken heart, the kind of emotion that makes you want to speed your bike up to 150miles or jump off a building, into the ocean, just like he does at the end of the sond, when he is surfing out there by himself. "So alive", that is exactly how you feel when you lose the love that hurts underneath the skin, in you tummy, in your chest, like you can't breathe anymore. Only broken or unanswered love gives you this perfect love.
  • Tony from Mcchord Afb, WaI love the line "That's when I knew that I could never have you, I knew that before you did, still I'm the one that's stupid". I relate to that so much.
  • Diviya from Mumbai, India"And I'll get over you
    And you'll wonder who I am"

    I guess this song is so lovely because most of us have been through something like this - wanted someone or something we couldn't have. And one day you just sit and wonder if it was anywhere close to being real.
  • Trevor from Menomonie, WiI don't think the like "this is the last time we'll be friends again" means they had a rocky relationship at all. I think it means he got dumped by someone he Loved deeply, and will continue to love. Once you feel that feeling, you can't just go back to being friends with the person, it's just not possible. You have too many intimate memories. It's too painful.
  • Kristin from Manhattan, NyI think the line this is the last time we'll be friends again means like they had a rocky relatinship and fought alot and then made up. You get in a fight with someone and when you get make up you say "so we're friends again". well the last time we'll be friends again either means that he can't get over a fight or if it doesnt work out this time, then it is over for good
  • Amber from Austin, TxI don't know the answer to that one ummm.. I believe it's A, but I can tell you one thing, you guys are right it's a beautiful song, but it's funny there's not more to it.. just that he's dumped and such. Still an awesome awesome song.
  • Joe from Wilmington, DeI have a question for you anyone who knows. When he says "This is the last time we'll be friends again." Does he mean A) That this is the last time they will date, and they will go back to being friends or B) That this is the end of their friendship?
  • Sabs from Jun, Akthe last part where he talks about "I go home to the coast
    It starts to rain
    I paddle out on the water
    Taste the salt
    And taste the pain
    I'm not thinking of you again
    Summer dies and swells rise
    The sun goes down in my eyes
    See this golden wave
    Darkly coming
    To take me
    And I've never been so alone
    A-a-and I've never been so alive"

    is talking about, how he went home after visiting her, realizing it wasnt going to work, and went out surfing to clear his head, and be alone.
  • Katie from Prince George, Canadathats it? what a beautiful song for a man to write for a girl who dumped him. i love the part "And I've never been so alone
    and I've never been so alive"

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