My Beautiful Rescue

Album: This Providence (2006)


  • This song is about a man who is saved after his life was completely shattered. He could be being saved by a woman, or possibly by God, as he asks to "wash my bloody hands" of his past failures and sins. >>
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  • Emily from Usf, FlIt is DEFINITELY about a relationship with God. God does speak [hello? the Bible is the WORD of God] plus God speaks to us everyday if we only open our heart/ears to listen. This is why the writer says "with every word I withhold," we must be silent to hear God speak to us.
    And you're right, the being forgiven part isn't religious at all, because when we recognize that we are wrong and we "trample our pride" we are establishing a real relationship with the Creator. Not proclaiming a religion.
    This is a love song to God. The writer isn't saying "Lord" as an expression (this would be directly going against the commandment that says "Do not use My name in vain"), he is saying it to who he is speaking to: God. Also, he is specifically telling the person he is singing to to open his mouth to sing, God opens our mouths to speak and proclaim his greatness (it's biblical).
    You've also got the lyrics wrong, it's "and tell the whole world to dance with me." When we get saved and realize that we were wrong and that Christ is the only on that can wash away our sins (bloody hands), we want the whole world to know how great it is.
    However, our relationships here on earth are modeled after our spiritual relationship with God (the bride and Christ; once again... biblical). So this can be a song for a girl or friend but it is essentially a Love song to God. :)
  • Bernice from Samal, PhilippinesI think it does have something to do with God. I mean, contrary to what others may believe, He speaks to us. It just doesn't mean that you have to actually hear Him like you would a person. Besides, the "wash my hands, these bloody hands" part is about asking for forgiveness. But I also think that the meaning of the song depends on the person who listens to it.
  • Aaron from Altadena, CaI agree, this has nothing to do with spirituality.
  • Jourdan from West Linn, OrI really do not think this is about god, or any religious statement for that matter. I mean "Im falling more in love, with every dingle word you say" God doesnt say anything! & he doesnt dance on top of buildings either. :]
  • Emy from Buffalo, Nythis song is deffinatly not about god its about falling in love.

    I've been jumping from the tops of buildings
    For the thrill of the fall, ignoring sound advice and any form of consequence
    My bones have shattered, my pride is shattered
    And in the midst of this self inflicted pain, I can see my beautiful rescue

    -this part means that he knows hes falling and he loves it and everyone's warning him about getting hurt, but he doesnt care. hes letting himself be open to heartbreak and hes letting his gaurd down because he knows shes worth it when he sees her.

    I'm falling more in love with every single word I was told
    I'm falling more in love with every single word you say
    I'm falling head over heels for you'

    -kind of obvious its not about god.

    I've been dancing on the tops of buildings
    And at the top of my lungs I'm singing you a song 'don't you leave me alone'
    My bones were shattered, my pride lay shattered
    Well I'll trample my pride until the whole world dances with me

    -this part means that hes making a fool out of himself for whole world to see because he wants her to know hes serious, and hes letting himself look stupid because he wants the world to be on his side.

    Well I'm crying out, wash my hands these bloody hands
    Oh, open my mouth and I'll sing out, "woh oh oh oh!"

    -okay this isnt religious at all....its saying that he wants to be forgiven for things hes done wrong in the past yes, but hes just saying it because he doesnt want the girl to hold anything against him.

    yes. it is not about god. kthx.
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