Light Up the Sky

Album: The End Is Where We Begin (2012)
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  • TFK frontman/songwriter Trevor McNevan had the idea for this song for some time. He told New Release Tuesday: "Although it's in the same vein as some of our other high-octane songs, like 'Fire It Up,' it's quite different. I wanted it to have that U2 Vertigo type vibe; that big stadium energy with single notes on the main guitar riff, instead of chords."
  • This was a challenge for McNevan to sing as its one of the highest songs vocally he's written to date. He told NewReleaseTuesday: "With every record, you try to push yourself. When your writing it's no big deal, but when you get tracking, you realize, 'wow, I'm gonna really have to step into this!' And this was the first song written for the new album that had actual rhyming in it. I grew up on old school hip hop and have always been into rhyming. That's where I came from, and I think it has given me a lot of unique advantages as a vocalist and as a writer. It also has its setbacks. You have to remember that not everybody is listening for a clever or witty lyric or vocal pattern, and it can easily throw them off or sometimes just go right over their heads. I hate predictable rhymes. This song is like an explosive; it builds and then explodes, comes right back down, builds, and then explodes again. Musical pyro!!! I wanted the listener to feel the energy, and feel the emotion behind it. It's a call to action."


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