Gone Forever


  • This song is about finally seeing that you are able to live without that person you thought you were in love with. The song begins with the love being gone, then he realizes he doesn't need her anymore and is now saying he came move on and is gone from the love. >>
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  • William from WisconsinEveryone sees it at as a breakup. No I see it as the loss of an abusive father. In the first few lyrics Adam says "Don't what's going on, don't know what went wrong. Feels like a hundred years I still can't believe you're gone." What I believe it means is he doesn't know how it happened, his dad could've been stricken with a terminal illness, and he might have been improving but all the sudden he passed. He says "I feel so much better now that you're gone forever. I tell myself that I don't miss you at all." He's happy that his dad is gone because he would abuse him, and he feels at ease now that he doesn't have to deal with the abuse anymore. "First time you screamed at me I wish I'd made you leave." He's talking about making the other leave he's talking about he wishes he'd left himself, or run away. "And now it's coming clear, that I don't need you here." he's implying that he never needed father for anything, he was always able to do it on his own. "And in this world around me, I'm glad you disappeared." he's saying that with this new age his father would've never fit in with him or anything around him. Maybe Adam didn't make this song about himself, but it is about someone.
  • Jonathan from Hamilton, OnYou Guys Don't Even Know What Is It About; Adam Wrote This Song In Rehab As A Song When He Kicked The Habit Of Oxycotin -.- Learn What It Is ABout Before You Post s--t o_O
  • Dakota from Jacksonville, TxThis song helps so much after a breakup, but it didn't help me, im still in love with my ex, but this song is basically about how he hated his girlfriend, and wanted her gone, well this happened when she found a better man and now he is free and can do whatever he wants that she would never let him do
  • Roach from Nowhere, GermanyO.o Adam did NOT get divorced to Naomi!!!
  • Scott from Jackson, AkThis song got me thtough my break-up.
  • Christina from Kankakee, IlI sent this song to my ex...after I started to date a close friend of ours...lol. But yeah, at the beginning of the song, they are trying to explain how that for a while your heart won't heal from the hurt done to it. But over time you get over the pain and suffering and move on with your life. It really isn't too hard to relate to this song...
  • Kayleigh from Sitka, Akthis song is the one song i had on repeat while i recovered from a truly awful breakup. i see now that i don't need him and i never did. i've moved on and finally found a guy who is worth my time.
  • Manita from Atlanra, GaHe wrote this song as a "good-bye" to his addiction to pain killers. He wrote it in rehab, where it is suggested that yu write a goodbye letter to your drug of choice. This was his letter.
  • Jenn from Chicago, IlAdam Gontier got married to high school sweetheart, but then they got divorced. I think that's the reason why he wrote this song. When i came to this conclusion, the song had so much more meaning to me! I felt SO bad for him. And then the song had so much more meaning!
  • Stephanie from Nashville, Tnlove this song...
    it describes my last relationship too...
  • Gary from Rensselaer, Nythis is a perfect song for me now after my last relationship
  • Becca from Camdenton, Moi deticated this song to my ex boyfriend!! he was pretty mad at me!!
  • Emily from Frankiln, Tni play this song everytime my relationship goes crazy. i mean the song is about denying that u acullay really do miss the person but hate what the did to u
  • Andrewvenom92390 from Elyria, OhI think he wanted to get rid of her and he finally cant believe she gone (in a good way). and now he can do whatever he wants like drink and not have to worry about her piece of mind.
  • Jailene from K-town, WaThis song is one of my favorites by TDG. The idea behind it almost perfectly explains my last breakup, except without the getting over it. It's been two months and the thought still hurts like it was yesterday.
  • Stephanie from Los Angeles, CaI love this song:) Awesome lyrics.
  • Winter from Niceville, FlI love this song..
    Plain and simple.
    I can totally relate to it. There's just something about it that i love..and i cant describe it..
    i just do..
  • Jacob from Champlin, MnThis is about a guy who lost the woman he loves and how he lies to himself to feel better. (I tell myself I don't miss you at all, not lying, denying). He keeps telling himself he doesn't need her but becomes self destructive (stay out all night get drunk and f*** and fight) and starts hiding that he needs her (until the morning comes I'll forget about our life).
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